Top Gun

текст песни Pyracanda

Lyrics: NefenMusic: Pyracanda

The information flies proudly over the crowded place
the snow is on, just for you
you should feel safe, but fear is shown in your face
fireballs, a nightmare's coming through

We don't nedd no rockets in the sky
too many people senselessly die
we don't need no low level flight
a life in peace, it's our right

And they fly - widely opened eyes as they die
Top gun
Who is the number one.
and they fly - they won't hear our cries
Top gun
and the madness goes on

Your military force was built to save our freedom
now you bring us all in danger
look for another place where your wargames can go on
it's irresponsible, our hearts are full of anger



A sunny afternoon, peaceful but soon
the air will filled with noise
soon you see the flying boys
and suddenly you wake up dead
with an airplane on your head


But still they fly, here in our homeland's sky
the people's voice is not heard

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