Silence Decay

текст песни Pyracanda


Sunrise - absurdity of another day
Senile decay takes your grin away
You had hell of good time you were
on cloud nine

Retritment's like darkness to a dying flame
Now more than ever you longing for some
fame, Randy times in far away days are gonna
fade in the haze

You've lived, haven't lived in vain
Memories perish not in pain
So don't reget what you've done at last
Cause you can't call back the past

You'd better make your mind up, 'cause your
time is slipping away

Why don't you hide in self compression?
It lies your own hands, yes you can
Seal your fate, so step outside.
Live out the passion of anything you like
You'll see it's not too late
Here what I say - you live today
Your innerself - you can't betray

Look in the mirror and say what you see
But forget the natur reality
You're as young as your dreams my friend
It's mind over mater right 'till the end.

Ehy - don't you deal with your age?
Do - you believe in immortality?
Who - wants to live forever?
You - will never know this rot!

No one has told you that life's so short

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