Speak English, if you speak at all (to all advanced)

  • Thank everybody for responses, even Joy (Hi, Joy, welcome a little bit later, O.K.?)
    To begin with, introduce yourself, pls, to know each other better. Who are you? What are you? What town d’you live in? My name’s Sergey, I live in Novgorod, though it is not my native town, the rest has been told above. And maybe my tongue is too high, indeed, it depends on the book I am reading now. Steven King is next to come, so I’ll change my style, all right. But nevertheless, it’s better than “pigeon English” that flooded the Internet, isn’t it?
    What do you read?

  • Hello everybody!
    I totally support your idea! After university I felt that language skills are just leaving me and very fast:)
    So, I'll be glad to meet any people just to chat:)
    I work at university, lately has started belly dance , used to do yoga nd many other things:)

  • I see that we are slowly but steadily drifting to repetition the notorious «I want to talk to you» phrase. I am repeating myself, but let’s vote for the topics to discuss:
    1 My way into/in English
    2 My favorite book/writer/music/film
    3 Grammar events/difficulties
    4 Professional sphere
    5 Curios happenings (with English)
    6 Learning and teaching
    Besides, I am reachable through e-mail
    And I’d like to ask a moderator to fix an English speaking forum, OK?

  • Hi to all! My name is Alexander. I am searching for a job in a banking sphere...I have 2-3 invitations from foreign banks, but all of them require from candidat good english, written and spoken. Could anyone give me an advice in 'how to pass through the interview?' How to persuade them that my englsih is on higher level than it is in fact?

  • Come on.Do you really think it is a good practice just to colloquy? For the practicing you should be more active in communicating and the best thing is to correspond with the foreigners.But most of them make numerous mistakes and abbriate so many words.

  • Hi folks,
    As I can see, nobody kept up the discussion. I'm right, aren't I?

  • Hi!I think, it`s not easy to speak English for all of us.As for me,I need more practice.Now my writing is better than my speaking.

  • Hi everybody?

  • Like an initiator of this topic I am bewildered and feel myself the Indian from “Over the Coo-coo nest” by Ken Kesey . Remember his problem of not being heard by anybody? I have, in realization my proposal, started a new topic about tests, sent a massage to admin on fixing an English speaking brunch, but you, my dear friends, are still in “let’s begin it” discussion (no offence, but read the hole topic). Make your choice, start new topics on your problems!

  • Dear sir,
    I've always thaught the purpose of any language is communication and no one including native speakers is perfect. Even you. Can I correct some of your mistakes.

    I don’t want to be obtrusive (very rarely used it's better to say annoying or pragmatic), but there’s a proposal (Any native speaker would rather say I've got a proposal). Let’s make an English speaking brunch. Having analyzed all posts, I noticed that beginners are presented here mostly. (Looks tarible! People in real life never speak like this -I analized all posts and noticed that most users are beginners)I think that we could discuss on (discuss transitive verb- it's possible to say discuss on but in a slightly diffrent context )more complicated matters, not only on (I'd omit preposition on)“how long does it take to learn English” (nothing personal!). Are there advanced students? Does anybody read English books, save for textbooks?
    Suppose we (can)talk over films, books, hobby, interesting grammar events (what is intresting grammer events?!!!!)and what not(wha not -did you mean what ever, what else, why not). I know people of different interests, who speak English.
    I may be(seem, sound odstolete, outdated) out of time, excuse an old man for (the) old-fashion (ed) approach. If anybody has fear OF his ability, try tests in the site. And, please, write English posts in “Word” beforehand, it will cure spelling mistakes

    All in all if i were in your place i'd sticked to the advice before I placed this grammatically and stylistically terrible post.