Peoples!!! Let ' s speak English

  • Peoples!!! Let ' s speak English

  • Hi, Dinara. I'm Dima. I want to speak english too. Write about you, please.

  • My name is Dinara. I live in Tashkent. I am girl of 18. I am found of listening to the music, seeing good films. I am very pleasant and sociable girl. And you..... Dmitry

  • Hello. May I join your conversation? I'm Olga. I'm 22 and live in SPb. I enjoy riding bike and camping. Also my hobbies are economics and cinema.

  • Hello Olga! I'm Dinara. I'm very glad of your joing us. If you have an ICQ no we would talk on line (If you want) It's my no 202 449 348

  • Hi all! How are you?

  • Hi! I am pupil and i have to pass english exam on wednesday. I know english well but i dont know any uncountable nouns.Can you help me?

  • Hi! I'm Marat. I'm 14 years old. I live in Moscow,in capital of russia.
    I like skateboarding,BMX-riding and waterpolo. I know english not very well,because I have learning english since 6th form.(правильно сказал??) My icq-284 881 622

  • hello, i finished university, now work but my english not good. i understand when you work more important to have rich vacabulary and dont afraid speak, maybe not correct but i want communicate with somebody in english, i sure it will help me. with grate pleasure start to speak with everybody. my email:

  • I see all of you want to speak English (like me)
    I'll be glad if you write me.
    My ICQ 202-449-348