Peoples!!! Let ' s speak English

  • I joined to Sweety and I think the desire all have opportunity improve self English.I can not make chat but we can decide which chat will use and when we may enter to it , because to meet into it . Chat we can choice between many chats that have. Are you have suggestions or desire? so let's going beginning to look for chats or defined where and as meet

  • Hello Genady!
    «What you did unpredictable time last? »
    I participated in NLP- training and do a lot of strange, but very interesting things as (I don’t know how it would be in English) «наведение транса», «якорение», reframing and the other things. Who knows will understand.
    And what are you interesting in?

  • You not serious people. All have desire improve us English but the some people participate in talk.
    Who can say why???????

  • Hi
    My name is Ann. i'm 16 years old.
    and for it is very impotant to improve my english and to see my mistakes..
    AND! to have a good friends..a lot of friends!
    i'll be glad to talk to everybody!
    if you have time, please write me!

  • wasup ya all..

    i have to pass my english test to MGIMO university
    i want improve my emglish

  • Julia , can you tell me if it's really work? Can you change peopel with NLP as easy as it's written in the books? I've read several books of it, but for me it was difficult to change pictures in my mind and I gave it up very quickly. Have you changed something in yourself already? Was it easy or not? How long have you practice nlp?

  • Hello, Ekaterina. When I 4 years ago began to read books on NLP, I too was perplexed how to work with these pictures, to change Submodalities. Now I have passed NLP- Practitioner and for me the world has a little changed. I with confidence can tell, that began to think and behave more effectively. That there is one of base presuppositions: "In each behaviour in a basis positive intention lays". Or" The card not is territory". However, this theory does not lay down, yet do not start to be engaged in practice and only practice! That and to you I wish! Successes!

  • Hello!!! My name is Oleg. I'm from Moscow. I'm 24. I would like to speak with u.
    My email:

  • Julia Katherine Girls, what are you happed with you? You are reading so serious books. Really you not have adventures books, not watch good cinema, and not found than engaging other interested and useful for developing, only read books with explain how need behavior self in normal society, but it not a normal society, therefore read not enough, need is it studing. Not speak that all books about it not need to reading, but very books that we took to read, because receive new info 10% and 90% reposed from ordinary day and each problems and feeling self hero in history of book and if the on contrary then you the already study. I nobody mandatory to do as I and I not want to insult too. It’s only my opinion.

  • Who has told, what we do not read adventure books and we do not look good films? But the books, allowing to explain behaviour of other people, help to become more effective in this world! Therefore read clever books! Develop!