Peoples!!! Let ' s speak English

  • Hello My name is Julia. I live in Moscow. I want to have a friend in England. I want to talk with anyone who speaks English and live in England! :)

  • HI PEOPLE!!! Would you like to talk with me??? I ll be glad to meet someone who can help me with my very very and very bad English! please help me!!! SOS!!! =)

  • Hello, people!My name is Natasha.I am 16. I would like to speak English more,that is why i am here)

  • Natasha, Hi!! My name is Sergey. I like English so much. And I like to speak English, to read books in English, to watch English films and so on. Tomorrow I'm going to visit 'Russian banya' and one real concert (at least I hope so). And now it's time to sleep. By the way, what are you going to do on these Pre-New Year days, shopping to buy NY-presents?

  • Hello people! Let's speak English!

    Happy New Year and very Marry Christmas to every body :)
    It's about time to have some fun. Snow is almost everywhere. Funny. Not sunny. But so snowy-beautiful everywhere. How do you like this winter? I'm from Spb/.

  • Hello! My name is Alexandra. I'm learning English in the University, and wish improve my skill =) I want to find penfriends)

  • ^^^'sup gal, you are welcome ANYTIME, no sweat! - name's Sanyok btw, but since I guess I ain't got a chance to be a penmate of yours I wish you luck to seek 'em out in no time.

  • Let's share our impression about New Year's vacation! How you spend your free time this winter?

  • ^^^well then, this time about I'd say that everything plays cool while I am just freesstylin' around, whatever that could have meant it just feels great enough so I don't give it another thought., that being said, - now let me guess what OUR impression can be...

  • I want to speak English, so I'll gladly join you. We need a topic for a conversation. Let's start with education. Do you feel we need changes in our educational system?