Peoples!!! Let ' s speak English

  • Genady Nice attempt to explain to unknown people how they should live. Check yourself firstly and then start teaching others. What kind of films is good for you? How do you develop yourself? Reading books is not such a horrible way to learn. Every person should recieve information from as many sourses as possible: books, films, museams, television, comunication with other people etc. Everithing is good.
    So try to read, may be it will be useful for you too.
    Good luck

  • About Barbie.:)
    The father getting out late from work and going back home, he
    remembers his daughters birthday and that he has no present for
    her. He stops his car in front of a toy store and ask the saleslady: How
    much does the Barbie in the show window cost?

    Nicely the saleslady replies: Which Barbie?
    We have:"Barbie goes to the Gym" for $ 19.95
    "Barbie plays Volleyball" for $ 19.95
    "Barbie goes shopping" for $ 19.95
    "Barbie goes to the beach" for $ 19.95
    "Barbie goes dancing" for $ 19.95
    "Barbie divorced" for $ 265.95

    And the man really surprised, ask:
    Uummm! Why Barbie divorced cost $ 265.95 , when all others price
    tag is only $ 19.95 ?

    The saleslady proudly replies:
    Sir..., "Barbie Divorced" comes with: Ken's car, Ken's house, Ken's
    yacht, Ken's furniture, Ken's computer and Ken's best
    What you think what to buy?

  • Julia and Katherine Thanks you that so quickly replied me.
    Katherine Firstly I not started there is nobody to teach as must to live. If you read me letter and was attention so saw: “I nobody mandatory to do as I and I not want to insult too. It’s was only my opinion.” Well. You can read books which you want. Only not need take offence and angry.
    What is NPL? It’s effective behavior dialogue and how to avoid misunderstand others – All these impossible to know only under books still need to live piece of life, lest have dialogue with differ groups people and it’s already learning all life. Many people learning during all life and not enough.
    I not spoke all these books not must to read. It’s book as textbook or book of questions and answers, but I think adventures books better interesting to read and give opportunity little to dream.
    Pay attention it’s only my opinion.
    If you like engage every day, so successes to you.
    Interest what think others participates of forum about it.

  • Genady, thank you for such a quick anwer! Still you haven't answered my questions. Why?
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not offenced with you or something like this. I only didn't understant what was your aim when you write answer to me and Julia. It was strange for me that you judge only on the basis of one message how we live and what books we read and how we get information. I don't know what about you, but as for me, my life is so full and intensive, that I have to get knowledge from any available sourses, books are among them.
    May be you'll tell us about your interests too. What books do you resd? What films do you prefer? Who is your favourite director? How do you spend your free time?
    Please, don't ignore questions, don't be secluded.

    To Julia.
    Thank you for your answer. Can you please give me some more information about it. How long did you get the training? How many people trained with you?
    Was there in your life situations when NLP really helped you, if so can you give an example. Does it help you in learning english? And last, but not least ;) is it only hobby for you or some kind of proffession? Aren't you going to be a NLP trainer?

    Thank you in anvance.

  • Greetings Ekaterina! I see what it is time to open the new theme about NLP. I have psychology education and began to read books since the second course. I have passed the NLP-Practitioner last winter of 120 class periods, з month, 18 person in group. Now NLP has so easily and organically entered into my life, at a level of unconscious competence, that I do not reflect at all when it I use, when there is no. Except for cases when I conduct special psychological consultation. As an example I can precisely tell, that now I do not have "problems" - there are only purposes and problems which I put before myself.

  • Hi Julia!
    Thank you so much for such full answers. I think it's no need to open new theme, because I have no more questions about it. But you know, you're the first person I've met who practices NLP and now I believe that it really works.
    Thank you. And good luck.

  • Katherine
    I see you get into passion. What are questions? I saw never questions before as received last message, with really many questions.
    When I wrote me message I don’t judged there is nobody or whom or and I didn’t think to answer is something question only to participate in talking about NLP and wanted to suggest talking about more interest than psychology.
    Therefore the place is call: Forum
    Katherine I won’t ignore your questions and won’t seclude from you.
    I’m interesting computers and building furniture form sitting-room.
    I like detective and adventure books Conan Doyle (many his talks), Den Brawn (The Deviance Code), Pater Harris (Enigma Vivaldi), Mark Twine (White glove).
    From films I want Doctor Duel, Big Mother, 100 Girls, 50 First Dates, Ben-Hur, 300 Spartans and more other films, but more prefer comedies.
    I not have favorite director and spending my free time such go in sport-hall, sating on against computers read news or learn English, meeting with friends on beach or drive on nature …
    Many to write on these questions, but on first time this are enough.
    What about you, yourself answer on same are questions.
    Please, don't ignore questions, don't be secluded.

  • Hi everyone who listens RHCH
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  • I dont speak English very well, and writing is already difficult for me. but read your messages is very interesting, isnt it?