Peoples!!! Let ' s speak English

  • hello everybody!!
    i want talk with anyone who speak in english, i will be so glad,
    please write me

  • Шо ? А шо цэ за мова ? Не разумею =)

    It was great joke, isn't it ?

  • I didn't understand your joke. Really. user

  • Hello, you all! hope you're having a nice weekend right now!
    My name is Marianna, icq - 329-041-507, email -
    I will be very glad to communicate in English, French or German..
    Don't hesitate to get in touch with me))
    Have fun!
    Best wishes to you all))

  • Huh, that's interesting!))) My knowledge of english is not a wery good, but it's interesting to post a messages on English language!))) My ICQ is 344871239. But in ICQ i prefer to write on Russian language...
    My name is grisha? and I like old music (Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, etc) and SKA PUNK!))))

  • Hi all.
    I want to know English better too,but not have much place where could to speak on English.
    I will be very glad to communicate in English (speaking and writing)
    Don't hesitate to get in touch with me.
    Best wishes to you all
    Bye.See you in your letters.
    My email:

  • user Hi. I didn't understand joke, but I polite smiled little.Probably you want to tell lest something laughable.I will listen and participate.

  • Hi all. let's have a chat and improve our English. Who wanna help me in this?

  • Well, who am I? I'm a WOMAN!!! Sometimes I'm sweet, sometimes - mad,
    but as a rule - I'm unpredictable... I love my family, my child, my
    friends. I love life and I love LOVE! I'm fond of travelling, new films,
    interesting books. I belive in myself. I want to be happy
    and I want everybody to be happy!

  • Julia Very well to believe in myself, but interest in what unpredictable and what you did unpredictable time last. I also have family but only my child do unpredictable things. All time she does something unpredictable new.I think the all children while grow did many things first time and therefore for us the unpredictable.