I need some friends to practice my English

  • Hello! I'm Olga and I really need some friends to improve my English. My ICQ 262767748 and my e-mail wordnet@yandex.ru
    I can talk about everything you want. I need someone to show me my mistakes and help me to increase my vocabulary
    I'll be glad to chat with everybody! Do come in

  • Hello Olga, i will help you in what i can on today 's day, I learn English a long time enough and can to share my knowledge with everybody, be happy and healthly, thanks for your attention to my try in english exercises!

  • Dear, Alex I doubt that you can help poor Olga to improve her English because you yourself are not very good at it, taking in consideration your mistakes.

    Sincerely yours,

  • Olga, what town do you live in? Now in most towns there are English clubs or something of the kind. Sure, it'd be the best way.

  • Всем желающим найти друзей по переписке на английском языке рекомендуем заглянуть сюда: http://www.native-english.ru/penpal/

  • Находите просто в аське кого-нибудь из англии или сша это можно сделать без проблем и общаетесь. Я так находил и немало единственное общаться не получается долго очень думаю над предложениями при том часто все равно не понимают и из-за этого живого разговора совсем не получается. А так все это без проблем. К стати можете найти русских в сша том же если они долго там живут то очень охотно идут на контакт. Тяга к родному сказывается.

  • Well, I attend to improve my poor English too, but I still haven't got enough time for one... If somebody want to acquaint with me - there is my ICQ - 242788140. In any case good luck you. :)

  • I want to improve my English and to communicate with someone.

  • I concern with english about 5 month. If you agree improve your english with me, please write to me.


  • Hi Olga! In spite of my living in New York my English is still far from perfect. Let's try to become e-mail friends, and maybe it will be beneficial for both of us. My e-mail: viktoriya.rykhlevskaya@db.com
    I'm studying in college. If you don't mind telling about yourself, where are you living? what are you doing/reading/watching/listening to? If you prefer not to say, it's fine with me; find any other topic.
    Bye for now,