I need some friends to practice my English

  • Hello everyone! I have been studying English for several years,but I'm not sure, that I know this language well enough. If somebody wants to communicate, my ICQ 264-733-241 or mail: lara_letter@yahoo.com

  • Hi, Olga!It is my name too.I would like to communicate with someone to impruve my English.I need a practice and more new frases.What can you advice me?

  • Dear,fika!I'd like to be an e-mail-friends with you.

  • Hi,ate everybody!I`d like to comunicate to somebody,who wants the same.I`d been learning english for three years, dut now I feel I`m going to loose my comunication skills.
    Please, help me my mail is tuamiga@inbox.ru

  • What's up everyone!!! My name is Nikolai, I live in Boston right now, learning English too... and if somebody want to communicate with me by Email be a great)))) my email : NG@MAIL15.COM , I'll be wait some comments about my poor english, anyway thanks for reading of this//

    Best Regars for this web site!

  • hi for everybody, My name is Svetlana, it will be great to communicate with somebody, i am sure we'l achieve our goal in studing English and simply we'll be a good company. i am intrested in every person.
    ok, wait for answer,
    Good luck to everybody!!!

  • I want to speak english too! My icq 317 925 841
    english only (maybe spanish, but I know it a little bit)

  • Hi folks,
    If you want someone to talk to you in English, please feel free to meet.
    You are welcome. :))
    ICQ: 210468547

  • For sure, we all, people, will increase our skills using chats and e-mail works. But if you want my point of view - nothing will help us much, but conversating with native speaker. As the matter of fact, noone of us is quite advanced or big 'rocks in a box'. Communicating to each other - mean between us - will keep us at the same point, 'cos noone really knows where's the language at. It changes. Things we know - they might (and they do for the most part) become rubbish. If someone..if anyone, whatever, wants to kick a dead horse with me - I'm always close at hand. =)) mailto:ksamsonov@alfabank.ru

    P.S. Givin' a work mailbox, 'cos I'm mostly there.
    P.P.S. Oh..Else one! If you really would go and e-mail me...ever... Please, mark the letters some way, because there's lots af spam coming. For ex.: 'english mailfriend', somehow...

  • hey guys!!!!how are you?i want improve my language and find interesting people,and,maybe, new freinds!!!!