I need some friends to practice my English

  • можно общаться с носителями английского в живую в английских клубах. там разговаривают на разные темы, обсуждают новости, фильмы и т.д. хорошая тренировка для тех, кто учиться и для тех кто не хочет потерять навыки свободного общения на английском. я посещаю такой клуб. кому интересно пишите в ICQ 275 937 296 поделюсь информацией.

  • Hello everybody!!!!
    I need to have pan-friend too, because I will get examinations and I should practice my English!
    I can talk about everything...If you want to communicate with me, this is my E-mail: malika_LION@mail.ru
    I will be waite your letters!
    With Best wishes-Malika=)

  • Kostya
    My name is Malika.I need to have pan-friend too=)))
    Please,write me...I will be waite your letter.My E-mail is: malika_LION@mail.ru

  • Hi everyone.My name is Nata.I'm 19.I want to find penfriends.If you are honest, kind and interesting person write to me.I'll be waiting for your message.Bye! fifka86@mail.ru

  • hello, Nata! I would like to speak English with you too. My name is Nataly, I am 19 years old too. I will be waiting for your letter! Nataly_Flaih@yahoo.com

  • Hello Malika!! I have the same problem, I mean english examenation, lets improve our English together. I am very communicative and interesting person, and I think, that we will find a lot of common.
    My e-mail is julie2509@mail.ru
    I will be waiting for your letter!!!

  • Hi! I also would like to communicate in order to improve my English. It can be someone who learns English as I am or a native speaker. You are welcome. My ICQ 257 108 214. Natalie

  • Люди кто щас в сети??? я в аське могу поболтать с вами! или пишите мне мой номер: 202 449 348

  • Hi! If you want to be mailfriends let us do it together.My name is Stacey. With best wishes!

  • Hi everyone, How do u do?
    I'll be happy to have friends to speak with in English. Plz don't hesitate to drop me a line or e-mail me.
    Best regards