I need some friends to practice my English

  • Hello to everybody!!!!!!!!! My name is Viky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to find some friends hear to speak Ehglish with. If you are don't so lazy please write to me something

  • Viky.
    Hello Viky I will be glad to correspondence with you.
    My e-mail: Coldline@narod.ru or ICQ: 241068180

  • Hi,

    I am a US native speaker of English, and student of Russian. I can communicate via PalTalk or Skype. I'd be glad to help you improve your English for a little Russian conversation in return. My email is:
    Could someone explain to me what ICQ is?
    I have a problem with spam, so I might have to change email addresses, if this one starts getting spammed from being posted.

  • Hi, Olga! And all the rest! I have an interesting idea how to practise the language. You see, I suggest to organise a teleconference. Your task is to choose any topic you like and we will discuss it. Teleconference means a kind of dicussion club. The only peculiar thing about it is time limit, that is a topic should be discussed during 3 months, for example. So, what do you think? Ask any questions! Waiting your anwsers!!!

  • Linda
    ICQ is very popular internet communication program in this country.
    the main idea of communication is to understand own mistakes. Who will check discussion on this conference? For this reason we can use and this chat also. Is there a difference?

  • Alisa

    Sorry if my reply is coming so late, but i would like to ask you if you mean that you can speak Francais better than English.. if I am right, please, get in touch with me by icq - 329-041-507 or email: marijasha@mail.ru
    To be honest, at the beginning I came here to check which information can be useful for me ( i mean about the English language),, But i dont think it is against the rules for me to ask if anybody can help me to train my French and/or German..
    from my side I shall be very happy to provide anybody from here with any assistance in training English..

    Keep in touch - just don't hesitate to contact me))
    Best regards to you all!!

    P.S.: if any of you need to translate something from or to English - also can simply get in touch with me! and we will discuss how we can do that!))

  • Hi everybody!!! Let's make friends!!

  • Hi! my name is Alina!I am 29. I am singer,
    I am going to Canada soon and. I need practice English!!!
    I live in Israel ,I am messianic Jew ,but now I am in Petersburg! ,and hope somebody reply ....:)

  • Malika

    Hello Malika,
    I 'm Hamza I 'm looking pen-friend who knows English .
    I can help you to prepare yourself through conversation practice online in order to improve your knowledge of English and pass exam succefully So if you interesting me
    You can connect with me by my email:hamza_izzatulloev@yahoo.com or alinazar_79@mail.ru

  • Hello ,
    I 'd like to have English pen-friends in order to improve my knowledge.

    If you interest me please connect with me by my yahoo messenger: khatlon_ktyubesch12@yahoo.com