I need some friends to practice my English

  • Hello! My name is Evgeny and I'm going to move to Australia next year.
    I need practice English too. I would like to find someone who needs to improve English. :)
    My ICQ number: 277876691
    My MSN: svirkov@gmail.com (email is same)

  • Hello!!! My name is Oleg. I'm from Moscow. I'm 24. I would like to speak with u.
    My email: epti@yandex.ru

  • Hi! My name is Lyuba and I want to improve my english too. Please help me to do it: write me on my e-mail: lubasha-pru@yandex.ru or ICQ: 197973310. Thank you!

  • Hi, guys!
    I'm Kostya. I currently live in Israel. This summer so long and hot. My apartment is located right on a beach. The sea so nice and the temperature of water already the same as the air, +29. But I'm so lazy, the last time a was on a beach is... hmmm, two weeks ago. My friends from Russia told me they have a nice weather too. So, guys, it's interesting to know where you live and how you spend your summer time. Post your blog right here, it's very comfortably.

  • Kostya
    Hello!!! I live in Moscow and our temperature it's very big). Now i'm working and wait my holidays which will be in September (((. When did u arrive to Israel and why ???

  • Hi, Oleg,
    Oh, it was pretty long time ago, in 1997. My older sister lived here for several years and right after I graduated from my Law School in Yaroslavl University I decided to develop my law career in Israel. I was thinking it's interesting, bacause there is the different law system in Israel than in Russia. I mean hot just laws but also the system. So, it was my main reason to move there and to try something new!

  • Hello,Svetlana! Do you have an ICQ or something else for more comfortable and useful communication?

  • Oh, sorry! By the way, everyone can speak whith me too! Write me who wants to improve English. I hope, that we can achieve not bad resolts together! My ICQ 276-049-570. I will be waiting for your answer.

  • Kostya
    Hello!!! I see, and u don't be sorry about it))). The weather is cold, i think, i put the evil eye on it))). How old are u? Tell me about yr habit, hobby and so on !!!

  • Hi Oleg and all,
    Well, I'm 37 years old. Honestly, I have not habits at all. It seems to be boring to have some habit. It's much more better to have a various features of character. If you ask about hobby I would say I have one, since I met my wife and we married last November. Currently we live in different countries (Israel and US) untill my moving to her this August and we needed to communicate some way. So during this time we used every possible kinds of communication: phone, mail, e-mail, Instant Messenger, Skype phone. Since that I just love my laptop. Maybe it's my hobby, who knows :-)

    Okay. I let myself to give some advice to everybody. Guys, lets talk about something except how to learn English and endless invitations to have a talk. Come on, it's not interesting anymore! Just learn it without discussing "how" and talk. Language experience is the best way to have English, especially spoken one.