I need some friends to practice my English

  • Kostya
    My congratulation with yr married!!!

  • Hi everyone to whom likes the creative activity of the group RHCP write.

  • Hello! My name is Angelina. I am from Russia.I`m seeking friends from all parts of the world. If you want to communicate, please, mail me: angel181084@mail.ru

  • Hello! My name is Elena, I study English, and wound like to find friends for dialogue. Write me: red_fairy@rambler.ru

  • Hullo to everybody!
    My name is Gunel and i am from Baku. i am 16 years old.
    I would be really glad to practise speaking English to you!I have been studying it for several years so i am happy that i`ve just found this wonderful opportunity to improve my English and find friends :)
    I am also glad about seeing so many people taking a great interest in this international language!
    MY ICQ 266-298-323
    my e-mail ggasanly@hotmail.com
    Take care of yourselves

  • Hi! Please, write me: ICQ 212-797-189, email as23577@yandex.ru.

  • Hi! My name's Tatyana .I'm from Tashkent.I want to find some friends to contact in English.

  • Hi!!! My name is Ann. You can chat with me in English. See you soon!!!! Bye!!!

  • hi everybody!my name is SYSHY!i want to find friends.my e-mail syshy@mail.ru Wright me everybody who want to make friend with non-typical girl

  • Hello! Unfortunatelly, I've such problem too. My English isn't good, and I need someone to improve my English. Help me please!