Tell me about yourself in english

  • Hello everybody! My name is Alex. I am student od fourth-year of Pedagogical University. I am twenty years old. I am fond of reading books, communicate on forums and english, by the way I think English is a very necessary and important language of our life!! I want to study this language together with you all!

  • Somebody please tell me what does it meant "I want to break free" It's words a song group the Queen.

  • AleXxX, to break free - 1. to escape from someone who is trying to hold you. 2. to escape from an unpleasant person or situation that controls your life.
    = вырваться на свободу, освободиться от оков, освободиться

  • Subzero, thanks.yeah :-))

  • Subzero, hello! How are you? By the way I'm Alex=Sasha :)

  • AleXxX, hi! I'm really fine. You can call me Igor if you like. :)
    So, you are a forth-year student, aren't you?

  • Yes I'm. Subzero What are you? When do you live? I know in Russia of course :)), what's the town?

  • Although maybe not Russia!?!?

  • I live in Russia, the town of Prokopievsk.
    I am a student as you are but only the second-year one. When I graduate, I'll be an English teacher. Why did you decide that I was out of Russia?

  • Hi, My name`s Alex. I`m studying at the International Faculty of the Sounth Ural University. I live in Chelaibinsk. Subzero, dont be offence, but I have never heard about such town Prokopievsk. Where is it? As for your future occupation, Why are you going to be a teacher? You see, it isn`t supposed very chealenging. On the other hand It may be your calling......