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  • clip (someone's) wings
    ограничивать или сдерживать кого-либо, "подрезать крылья"
    The company decided to clip the manager's wings and took away his expense account.
  • spread one's wings
    стать независимым, расправить крылья
    Sam decided to become independent; he wants to spread his wings and try to do something on his own.
  • take (someone) under one's wings
    взять кого-либо под своё покровительство, "под крылышко"
    Diana took Moira, who was just out of high school, under her wing.
  • try out one's wings
    пытаться сделать что-либо, чему только что научился
    Tina has had only ten German lessons, but she wants to try her wings by speaking with our visitors from Germany.
  • under the wings of (someone)
    быть под защитой кого-либо, "под крылом у кого-либо"
    Sue has been under the wings of one of the supervisors since she started to work here.
  • wing it
    делать всё возможное в трудной ситуации
    I was not prepared to talk to the boss, but I had to wing it.