Идиомы на букву G

  • give oneself up to (something)
    отдаваться, предаваться чему-либо
    Jim was giving himself up to his task with complete earnestness.
  • give or take
    примерно, плюс - минус
    John weighs about half a ton give or take a few kilos.
  • give out
    раздавать, распределять
    The teacher asked one of the students to give out the books.
  • give rise to
    быть причиной чего-либо
    Sam's health problems gave rise to several other ones.
  • give someone (or something) a second chance
    дать кому-либо \ чему-либо ещё один шанс
    Sam walked down on his wife, but when he decided to come back, his wife didn't want to give him a second chance.
  • give the devil his due
    отдавать должное противнику\ плохому человеку
    Julian is not much of a doctor. However, you have to give the devil his due - his patients like him.
  • give three cheers for (someone)
    хвалить кого-либо, прокричать троекратное 'ура' в честь кого-либо
    The football fans gave three cheers for their favorite team after they won the match.
  • give up
    перестать, прекратить, отказаться от
    I am going to give up smoking.
  • give up the ghost
    испустить дух, умереть; перестать работать
    John Wain was twenty three when his old man gave up the ghost.
  • give voice to (one's feelings)
    выразить словами свои чувства
    Vivian gave voice to her feelings about the new venture.
  • give voice to (something)
    выразить словами что-либо
    Vivian gave voice to her feelings about the new venture.
  • give way
    потерпеть неудачу, рухнуть
    During the flood the old bridge gave way.
  • give-and-take
    компромисс, взаимные уступки
    There's got to be lots of give-and-take in the family life.
  • giveaway
    выдать что-либо не преднамеренно; товар, продаваемый с уступкой в цене или отдаваемый бесплатно
    He didn't want to look sad, but the expression of his face was a giveaway.
  • given to understand (something)
    дать ясно понять что-либо
    Jack was given to understand that his presence was not wanted.
  • glad hand
    радушно приветствовать, пожимать руку
    The priest was glad handing people at the church door.
  • glad hand (someone)
    тепло приветствовать кого-либо
    Mark glad handed the people who came to support him.
  • gloss (something) over
    представлять в лучшем свете, приукрашивать
    "I think you are trying to gloss over the amount of money that the business has lost."
  • glutton for punishment
    любитель трудной или неприятной работы
    "I am not a glutton for punishment, so don't expect me to do the dirty work."
  • GMT
    Greenwich Mean Time - время по Гринвичскому меридиану
    GMT is a place near London which is used as the standard for time around the world
  • gnash one's teeth
    скрежетать зубами
    The wound was very painful, and the man gnashed his teeth.
  • GNP
    Gross National Product - валовой национальный продукт
    The total value of goods and services produced by a country in one year is called GNP.
  • go (someone) one better
    делать лучше или больше, чем кто-либо
    Ula went her friend one better and bought a more beautiful dress.
  • go (somewhere) in a heartbeat
    идти куда-либо немедленно, сразу же
    My friend asked me to come and I went to her place in a heartbeat.
  • go a long way toward (something)
    быть достаточным, хватить надолго (о деньгах, продуктах)
    We are going to camp out and we hope the food will go a long way toward the end of camp.
  • go about one's business
    заняться своим делом
    We had a lot of fun at the seaside and now we are going about our business again.
  • go after (someone)
    искать, пытаться поймать кого-то
    "Don't drive very fast or the police will go after you."
  • go against the grain
    идти против природы или склонности к чему-либо
    "Your unfriendly attitude goes against the grain of good manners."
  • go ahead
    двинуться вперёд, начать делать что-либо
    "Let's go ahead and leave for the airport now. Otherwise we might be late."
  • go all out
    напрячь все силы
    Kelly and David wanted to go all out for their wedding reception.
  • go along
    идти, двигаться, продолжать
    Pam is inventing more and more lies as she goes along.
  • go along with (someone or something)
    соглашаться с кем-либо \ чем-либо, сотрудничать, содействовать кому-либо \ чему-либо
    Everybody went along with my proposal to arrange a get-together party on one of the weekends.
  • go ape
    сильно разволноваться или вести себя как сумасшедший
    My friend went ape when I told him that I had broken his car.
  • go ape (over someone or something)
    разволноваться из-за кого-либо \ чего-либо, рассердиться
    Amy went ape over the house with its beautiful garden full of flowers.
  • go around
    ходить от одного места или человека к другому
    I couldn't get fresh tomatoes in this shop so I had to go around from one shop to another until I got them.