Идиомы на тему Insects and Fish

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  • as busy as a bee
    трудолюбивый как пчёлка, очень занятый
    Cora has been as busy as a bee since she moved into her new house.
  • as calm as a toad in the sun
    очень спокойный и довольный (как жаба на солнце)
    Jeremy looked as calm as a toad in the sun during the baseball game.
  • as crazy as a bedbug
    My old aunt Polly is as crazy as a bedbug.
  • as full/tight as a tick
    переполненный едой или питьём
    The man was as full as a tick after a large meal at supper.
  • as gaudy as a butterfly
    слишком яркий (как бабочка)
    I don't quite like this dress; it's as gaudy as a butterfly.
  • as happy as a clam
    счастливый и довольный (как двустворчатый моллюск)
    The little boy was as happy as a clam when he was given a new bicycle.
  • as mad as a hornet
    очень злой (как оса)
    My brother got as mad as a hornet when he learnt that I had lost his disks.
  • as merry as a cricket
    весёлый (как сверчок)
    Laura is a sunny person; she is always as merry as a cricket.
  • as red as a lobster
    красный (как рак)
    When Sandra came home from the beach, she was as red as a lobster after sitting in the sun too much.
  • as slippery as an eel
    скользкий как угорь, увёртливый, изворотливый
    Paul is as slippery as an eel, and I am sure he cannot be trusted.
  • as snug as a bug in a rug
    очень уютный
    I wrapped myself into a big warm comforter and felt as snug as a bug in a rug.
  • as ugly as a toad
    некрасивый, страшный как жаба
    Pam had a flat nose with wide nostrils, small beady eyes and a double chin and looked as ugly as a toad.
  • big fish in a small pond
    великан среди пигмеев, "шишка на ровном месте"
    "I don't think much of Jeremy Brown; he seems to be a big fish in a small pond."
  • bitten by (some kind of) bug
    заинтересоваться какой-либо деятельностью
    My sister got interested in collecting butterflies as if she had been bitten by some kind of bug.
  • bug (someone)
    донимать кого-либо, раздражать
    That man really bugs me with his silly jokes.
  • bug-eyed
    широко открыть глаза (от удивления)
    I was bug-eyed when I saw Sara whom I didn't expect to see in my house.
  • clam up
    Evidently they were talking about me as they clammed up when I appeared.
  • cold fish
    бесчувственный человек "холодный как рыба"
    Jack Brown turned out to be a cold fish; he didn't care much about his parents.
  • cry/shed crocodile tears
    лить крокодиловы слёзы
    When William complained about his problems, he shed crocodile tears, but nobody believed him.
  • drink like a fish
    пить как сапожник
    Mark is never sober; he drinks like a fish.
  • fine kettle of fish
    неудобная, неудовлетворительная ситуация
    It was a fine kettle of fish when my boss called and told me to stay after office hours.
  • fish for (something)
    пытаться найти информацию о чём-либо, выуживать информацию
    Rick can sit for hours fishing for information from the Internet.
  • fish for a compliment
    напрашиваться на комплимент
    Alice, my classmate, is always fishing for compliments.
  • fish in troubled waters
    стараться получить что-либо (выгоду, информацию) нечестным путём; "ловить рыбку в мутной воде"
    I hate people fishing in troubled waters in order to gather information.
  • fish or cut bait
    принять то или иное решение, одно из двух
    "I see that you are not actually eager to buy the house, so you either fish or cut bait."
  • fish out of water
    человек не в своей стихии, "рыба без воды"
    The woman was like a fish out of water at the fashion show.
  • fishy
    странный и подозрительный
    The old man with a long beard looked quite fishy.
  • flea market
    барахолка, блошиный рынок
    I bought a very beautiful old vase at a flea market yesterday.
  • fly in the ointment
    помеха, "ложка дёгтя в бочке мёда"
    The problem with the weather was a fly in the ointment during their enjoyable holiday.
  • go on a fishing expedition
    пытаться обнаружить информацию
    While investigating the murder case the detective had to go on a fishing expedition to try and find as much information as possible.
  • have a frog in one's throat
    охрипнуть, говорить с трудом
    I am a very shy person and I always have a frog in my throat when I have to make a speech.
  • have butterflies in one's stomach
    чувствовать страх или внутреннее беспокойство
    I had butterflies in my stomach while waiting for the results of the test.
  • have other/bigger fish to fry
    иметь другие дела, иметь более важные дела
    He probably has other fish to fry that's why he rejected our invitation.
  • hive of activity
    людской муравейник; место, где очень много народу
    The stadium was a hive of activity during the football match.
  • Holy mackerel!
    Боже мой! Не может быть! Ну и ну! (выражение удивления, удовольствия или гнева)
    "Holy mackerel!" cried the woman when she saw a kitten sitting under the table. "How did it get here?"