Идиомы на тему Law

  • contempt of court
    неповиновение решению суда, неуважение к суду
    Paul was held in contempt of court because he disobeyed the orders of the court.
  • in contempt of court
    неуважение к суду
    George Croft was found to be in contempt of court because he had been rude to the judge.
  • laugh (something) out of court
    посмеяться над чем-либо, высмеять что-либо
    They laughed the case out of court as being extremely ridiculous.
  • settle (something) out of court
    уладить что-либо во внесудебном порядке
    There was some controversy between the company and the union, but it was finally settled out of court.
  • throw oneself at the mercy of the court
    просить помилования, пощады
    Saying that he was sorry for what he had done, the man threw himself at the mercy of the court.