Идиомы на тему Law

  • for the record
    заявить что-либо для протокола
    William was asked, for the record, to declare his intentions.
  • go on record
    сделать официальное заявление
    The Chief Executive has decided to retire and plans to go on record about his retirement.
  • matter of record
    зарегистрированный факт
    It was a matter of record how many unemployed there were in the city.
  • off the record
    неофициальный, не подлежащий оглашению
    "I am telling you all this off the record, and I hope you will keep your mouth shut."
  • on record
    официально зарегистрированный
    Nobody knows for sure when the famous artist was born, but the date of his death is on record.