Идиомы на тему Law

  • face the music
    держать ответ за что-либо, расплачиваться, "расхлёбывать кашу"
    "You've made a mistake; now you'll have to face the music."
  • give (someone) the benefit of the doubt
    оправдать кого-либо за недостаточностью улик, поверить кому-либо на слово
    The jury gave Marion the benefit of the doubt and she was set free in the court room.
  • peeping Tom
    человек, подглядывающий за интимными действиями незнакомых людей (вуайерист)
    Johnny was picked up by the police as a peeping Tom.
  • abide by a decision
    придерживаться решения суда
    The construction company had to abide by the decision of the court.
  • throw oneself at the mercy of the court
    просить помилования, пощады
    Saying that he was sorry for what he had done, the man threw himself at the mercy of the court.
  • gray area
    непонятная\ неопределённая ситуация
    It is difficult to put this situation into a particular category; it looks like a gray area.
  • have the right to (do something)
    иметь право делать что-либо
    "You don't have the right to poke your nose into my private affairs!"
  • act of God
    форс-мажор (события, происходящие по естественным причинам: землетрясения, наводнения и т.д.)
    An avalanche in the mountains was an act of God.
  • as sober as a judge
    (быть) трезвым как стёклышко
    When the traffic police stopped Mike, he swore he was as sober as a judge.
  • keep one's own counsel
    скрывать что-либо, держать в секрете, "держать язык за зубами"
    I know that Dora has some problems at work, but she prefers to keep her own counsel and never tells anyone about them.
  • with no strings attached
    без каких-либо обязательств
    My friend gave me his laptop to use with no strings attached.
  • caveat emptor
    принцип торговли, заключающийся в том, что покупатель несёт ответственность за проверку качества приобретаемого товара
    Caveat emptor is a good conception to remember when you are buying secondhand goods.
  • stand one's ground
    стоять на своём, не отступать, не сдавать своих позиций
    "If you know you are right, stand your ground, don't yield."
  • beat the rap
    избежать наказания
    Having hired a sophisticated lawyer, Jeremy was able to beat the rap.
  • have a brush with the law
    соприкасаться с законом
    At fourteen Joe had a brush with the law because he had tried to hijack a car.
  • get a slap on the wrist
    понести небольшое наказание
    The principal gave the student a slap on the wrist for having damaged a piece of school furniture.
  • have (someone) in one's pocket
    иметь полный контроль над кем-либо
    The largest computer firm in the town has a few small ones in its pocket.
  • law unto oneself
    сам себе закон (о человеке, игнорирующем закон или правила, если они ему не нравятся)
    Johnny's father told him that he must stop being a law unto himself.
  • have (someone) dead to rights
    доказать кому-либо его вину
    The evidence against the criminal was very strong, and it was not difficult for the police to have the man dead to rights.
  • come down hard on (someone)
    жестоко наказывать кого-либо, бранить
    He couldn't believe that they would come down hard on him. He hadn't committed the crime they accused him of.
  • get (something) out in the open
    сделать что-либо всеобщим достоянием
    Alison didn't want to get her private life out in the open.
  • after the fact
    после свершившегося
    They were told, after the fact, that the insurance company would not pay to rebuild the house.
  • cast doubt on (someone or something)
    поставить под сомнение что-либо
    The evidence presented by a witness of the crime cast doubt on the truthfulness of her testimony.
  • lay down the law
    устанавливать правило, говорить безапелляционным тоном
    He hated hard-mouthed women who laid down the law and knew more than he did.
  • do something by the book
    следовать правилам
    "If you want to win the case, you should do everything by the book."
  • jury is still out (on someone or something)
    решение всё ещё не принято
    The jury is still out; they haven't accepted adventitious proposal yet.
  • break the law
    нарушить закон
    They found out that Marcia had broken the law, and she was sacked.
  • off the record
    неофициальный, не подлежащий оглашению
    "I am telling you all this off the record, and I hope you will keep your mouth shut."
  • grain of truth
    небольшая доля правды
    "I am sure there isn't a grain of truth in what you said during the trial."
  • bail (someone) out
    брать на поруки, вносить залог
    The parents of the young delinquent had to pay much money to bail him out of prison.
  • under age
    (быть) несовершеннолетним
    Such films are not to be shown to children under age.
  • give (someone) a fair shake
    относиться к кому-либо по справедливости
    Felix was a skilled worker, and the company gave the new employee a fair shake.
  • jump to conclusions
    делать поспешные выводы
    "I don't want you to jump to conclusions because you don't know all the facts."
  • find (someone) guilty
    признать кого-либо виновным
    The jury needed little time to find the prisoner guilty of assault.
  • at the mercy of (the court/someone)
    в полной власти, не имея защиты против (кого-либо \ чего-либо)
    The sea was stormy and the ship was at the mercy of the huge waves.