• abide by a decision

    придерживаться решения суда

    The construction company had to abide by the decision of the court.
  • act of God

    форс-мажор (события, происходящие по естественным причинам: землетрясения, наводнения и т.д.)

    An avalanche in the mountains was an act of God.
  • after the fact

    после свершившегося

    They were told, after the fact, that the insurance company would not pay to rebuild the house.
  • as sober as a judge

    (быть) трезвым как стёклышко

    When the traffic police stopped Mike, he swore he was as sober as a judge.
  • assemble a case (against someone)

    собрать доказательства против кого-либо

    There was not enough evidence, so the prosecution was unable to assemble a case against the man.
  • assume liability

    принимать на себя ответственность за понесённые убытки

    The construction company refused to assume liability for damaging the house by incautious actions.
  • at arm's length

    сделка (на расстоянии) через посредника

    I bought an apartment at arm's length and was not involved in any management decisions.
  • at the mercy of (the court/someone)

    в полной власти, не имея защиты против (кого-либо \ чего-либо)

    The sea was stormy and the ship was at the mercy of the huge waves.
  • bail (someone) out

    брать на поруки, вносить залог

    The parents of the young delinquent had to pay much money to bail him out of prison.
  • beat the rap

    избежать наказания

    Having hired a sophisticated lawyer, Jeremy was able to beat the rap.
  • beyond a reasonable doubt

    почти наверняка, вне всякого сомнения

    The judge told the jurors to come up with a verdict of guilty only if they were convinced beyond a reasonable doubt the man had committed the crime.
  • bona fide

    без обмана, честно

    I could not very well believe that they made a bona fide effort to solve the dispute.
  • breach of promise

    нарушение обещания или соглашения

    Mr. Paderevski was accused of a breach of promise when he broke the contract to buy the house.
  • breach of the peace

    нарушение общественного порядка и спокойствия

    My neighbors were charged with a breach of the peace because they were playing loud music late at night.
  • break the law

    нарушить закон

    They found out that Marcia had broken the law, and she was sacked.
  • build a case (against someone)

    собирать доказательства для возбуждения уголовного дела

    It was evident that Rick Thunder was guilty, yet they couldn't build a case against him.
  • burden of proof

    бремя доказательства; необходимость доказать оспариваемый факт

    Georgina had accused Jack of swindling and the burden of proof fell on her during the trial.
  • case of mistaken identity

    ошибочное опознание

    Celesta didn't do anything wrong; hers was a case of mistaken identity.
  • cast doubt on (someone or something)

    поставить под сомнение что-либо

    The evidence presented by a witness of the crime cast doubt on the truthfulness of her testimony.
  • causing a disturbance

    нарушение общественного порядка

    A few baseball fans were arrested for causing a disturbance after the game.
  • caveat emptor

    принцип торговли, заключающийся в том, что покупатель несёт ответственность за проверку качества приобретаемого товара

    Caveat emptor is a good conception to remember when you are buying secondhand goods.
  • circumstantial evidence

    косвенные доказательства или улики

    Jeremy thought he wouldn't be convicted on the basis of circumstantial evidence only.
  • citizen's arrest

    арест без ордера

    The shopkeeper made a citizen's arrest of a shoplifter.
  • civil action

    (подать) гражданский иск

    Ms. Brownbread took civil action over her complaint about her neighbors' trespassing.
  • civil law

    гражданское право

    Civil law deals with private matters but not with criminal cases.
  • class action lawsuit

    судебный процесс в интересах группы пострадавших людей

    The miners decided to file a class action lawsuit against the owners of coal mines for damage to their health.
  • clear (someone's) name

    доказать чью-либо невиновность

    Molly Morgan had to go to court in order to clear her name of the false charges.
  • come by (something) honestly

    честно получить что-либо

    Gordon Brown came by a large inheritance honestly, but some of his friends didn't believe him.
  • come clean (with someone/about something)

    признаться в чём-либо, быть честным с кем-либо относительно чего-либо

    I decided to come clean with my friend about using his computer without his permission.
  • come down hard on (someone)

    жестоко наказывать кого-либо, бранить

    He couldn't believe that they would come down hard on him. He hadn't committed the crime they accused him of.
  • commercial law

    торговое право

    After I graduate the university I would like to practice in commercial law.
  • common law

    общее право, неписаный закон

    Common law is mostly based on custom and court decisions of the past.
  • common property

    общая собственность (жителей)

    Parks in London are common property and anyone can use them.
  • community property

    общее имущество супругов

    My husband and I decided to give some of our community property to our children.
  • comparative negligence

    неосторожность, халатность обеих сторон, преступная оплошность

    The traffic police determined that it was a case of comparative negligence for both the drivers and they both were responsible for the damage of their cars.