Идиомы на букву M

  • matter of course
    само собой разумеющееся, в порядке вещей
    They did things as a matter of course and never thought about the consequence.
  • matter of fact
    реальная действительность
    It is a matter of fact that the old building should be pulled down as soon as possible.
  • matter of life and death
    вопрос жизни и смерти, жизненно важный вопрос
    "Do be serious for just five minutes! After all, it is a matter of life and death."
  • matter of opinion
    спорный вопрос
    It is a matter of opinion as where to house the new art gallery.
  • matter of record
    зарегистрированный факт
    It was a matter of record how many unemployed there were in the city.
  • mind over matter
    нет ничего невозможного
    It is mind over matter. If Helen really wants to succeed as an actress, she will be able to do it.