Идиомы на букву M

  • make ends meet
    сводить концы с концами
    Dina's salary is so small that she can hardly make ends meet.
  • meet (someone) halfway
    идти на уступки кому-либо, идти на компромисс
    His view of what should be done differed from ours, but he was willing to meet us halfway.
  • meet one's match
    повстречать равного себе
    Joe is the best programmer in our company; and he has not met his match yet.
  • meet one's Waterloo
    быть разгромленным, потерпеть поражение
    Unfortunately our football team met their Waterloo when they played with the best team in our area.
  • meet the requirements (for something)
    соответствовать требованиям для чего-либо
    The young teacher didn't meet the requirements for a substitute teacher.
  • meet up with (someone or something)
    случайно встретиться с кем-либо
    I met up with Steve while I was mountain skiing in the Alps.