Идиомы на букву M

  • MA
    Master of Arts - магистр гуманитарных наук
    After graduating from the university Mark received MA in economics.
  • mad as a hatter
    спятивший, не в своём уме
    Keep an eye on the man; he is mad as a hatter.
  • mad as a hornet
    очень сердитый
    My father was mad as a hornet when I had taken his car without his permission.
  • made for each other
    созданы друг для друга
    Della and Jim were made for each other and appeared to be very happy.
  • made to measure
    сделано на заказ (об одежде)
    Julia always has her clothes made to measure.
  • made to order
    сделано на заказ (о мебели, ювелирных изделиях и т.д.)
    My boyfriend gave me a nice necklace made to order.
  • maiden voyage
    первое плавание нового корабля
    The maiden voyage of the Titanic took place in 1912. The ship hit an iceberg in the Atlantic, and it sank four hours later.
  • main drag
    главный проспект, улица в городе
    Young people like walking along the main drag of the town.
  • make (it/an event)
    посещать мероприятие
    I was supposed to be present at the shareholders' meeting yesterday, but I was not able to make the event.
  • make (someone or something) available to (someone)
    сделать кого-либо \ что-либо доступным, досягаемым
    They made a car available to the handicapped person.
  • make (someone's) blood boil
    приводить кого-либо в бешенство, "кровь вскипела"
    I can't stand Ken. His misbehavior makes my blood boil.
  • make (someone's) blood run cold
    приводить кого-либо в содрогание, (кровь застыла в жилах)
    The sight of the dead body of Desmond Finch made Mandy's blood run cold.
  • make (someone's) flesh crawl
    приводить кого-либо в ужас (мороз по коже)
    Sandra heard a terrible scream outside and it made her flesh crawl.
  • make (someone's) hair curl
    сильно испугать или шокировать кого-либо
    The sight of the bleeding man with a knife in his side made my hair curl.
  • make (someone's) hair stand on end
    заставить кого-либо сильно испугаться, "волосы встали дыбом"
    The sight of the dead body made my hair stand on end.
  • make (someone's) head spin/swim
    сбивать с толку, приводить в смятение
    I had to absorb a lot of information in my Chemistry class and it made my head spin.
  • make (someone's) mouth water
    разжигать аппетит, "слюнки потекли"
    I passed the confectioner's counter and the smell of the fresh cakes made my mouth water.
  • make (someone's) position clear
    прояснить чью-либо позицию
    I'd like to make my position clear on the issue of rising prices.
  • make (someone) eat crow
    заставить кого-либо признать ошибку или взять назад свои слова
    I knew Bob had made a mistake and I wanted to make him eat crow, but he didn't yield.
  • make (someone) look good
    заставить кого-либо выглядеть успешным или компетентным
    Alan had won a grant for his research and it made him look good.
  • make (someone) look ridiculous
    заставить кого-либо выглядеть глупо
    Albert wore old slippers and a Mickey-mouse T-shirt which made him look ridiculous.
  • make (someone) sick
    внушать отвращение
    I hate this guy so much that even the look of him makes me sick.
  • make (something) from scratch
    начать делать что-либо с нуля
    Mark made his wealth from scratch.
  • make (something) out of nothing
    создавать что-либо (проблему) из ничего
    "This issue is of little importance, so don't make something out of nothing."
  • make (something) right/good
    исправить что-либо, восстановить
    When there is something wrong with the washing machine, my father can make it right in no time.
  • make (something) to order
    делать что-либо на заказ
    The furniture must have been made to order; it looks excellent.
  • make (something) up to (someone)
    возмещать что-либо кому-либо, навёрстывать
    Ann borrowed some money from Willy, so naturally she had to make it up to him.
  • make (something) worth (someone's) while
    делать что-либо выгодный для кого-то
    The father made it worth his son's while to help him wash the car by allowing him to use from time to time.
  • make a bed
    заправлять постель
    My brother is very lazy; he never takes pains to make his bed.
  • make a beeline for (someone or something)
    поспешить, пойти прямо к кому-либо \ чему-либо
    Felix entered the cafe and made a beeline for the table at which his friend was sitting.
  • make a big deal about (something)
    преувеличивать важность чего-либо
    My mother exaggerates even small problems; I wish she would not make a big deal about everything.
  • make a break for (something/somewhere)
    броситься к чему-либо или куда-либо
    As soon as the football match ended, the fans made a break for the stadium gates.
  • make a bundle/pile
    заработать много денег
    Sam's uncle has made a bundle on the stock market and he is very wealthy now.
  • make a check out to (someone)
    выписать чек кому-либо
    The volunteers were raising money for the new animal shelter and I made a check out to them.
  • make a clean breast of (something)
    чистосердечно признаться в чём-либо, облегчить душу
    I decided to make a clean breast of everything, and I think I will feel better.