Идиомы на букву M

  • make up one's mind
    решать, принять решение
    I haven't made up my mind where to go for my holiday, which is supposed to be in March.
  • meeting of minds
    полное согласие
    "Were you able to achieve a meeting of minds at last?"
  • mind goes blank
    провал в памяти
    I tried to remember the girl's name, but alas my mind went blank.
  • mind is buzzing
    думать о многих вещах сразу
    Ann's mind was buzzing after she left the conference room.
  • mind is in the gutter
    разговор на шокирующую тему
    Sam enjoys shocking people; his mind is often in the gutter and nobody likes to talk to him.
  • mind is on (something)
    постоянно думать о чём-либо
    My mind has been on my final exams all month.
  • mind one's manners
    уметь держать себя, иметь хорошие манеры
    Susan reminded her son to mind his manners while they were having dinner in the restaurant.
  • mind one's own business
    не вмешиваться в чужие дела
    My friend tried to interfere in my private affairs, but I politely asked him to mind his own business.
  • mind one's P's and Q's
    соблюдать осторожность (в речи, поведении), соблюдать приличия
    You should always mind your P's and Q's and not say anything to offend people.
  • mind over matter
    нет ничего невозможного
    It is mind over matter. If Helen really wants to succeed as an actress, she will be able to do it.
  • mind the store
    заботиться о чем-либо (доме, хозяйстве)
    I don't like to stay home to mind the store when the rest of the family goes away for the weekend.
  • Mind you
    имейте в виду
    "Mind you, I will do the job only if it's urgent. If it's not, I won't stay at work after office hours."
  • mind-boggling
    ошеломляющий, поразительный
    The amount of books in that book store is mind-boggling.
  • mind-numbing
    ужасно скучный
    The lecture was not interesting at all; it was mind-numbing.