Идиомы на букву O

  • off one's hands
    (сбыть) с рук, избавиться
    Jeremy managed to sell his old car and was happy to get it off his hands.
  • on the one hand
    с одной стороны
    Jim has a very contradictory nature. On the one hand he is ambitious on the other hand he is shy.
  • on the other hand
    с другой стороны
    David is not very intelligent, but on the other hand he is the most hard-working guy I have ever met.
  • one's hands are tied
    (чьи-либо) руки связаны
    Larry's hands were tied at that time, and he could do nothing to help me.
  • out of hand
    (выйти) из-под контроля
    The situation with the ransom money suddenly got out of hand and the police didn't know what to do.