Идиомы на букву O

  • odds are against one
    малый шанс на успех
    Tim tried to join a basketball team, but the odds were against him.
  • of one mind
    быть одного мнения, соглашаться с кем-либо
    The teaching staff and the principal were of one mind when they decided to change the curriculum.
  • off one's back
    перестать докучать кому-либо, беспокоить кого-либо
    "I wish you would get off my back and stop asking me silly questions."
  • off one's chest
    снять груз с души
    My problems have been gnawing me, and at last I decided to talk to my friend to get them off my chest.
  • off one's hands
    (сбыть) с рук, избавиться
    Jeremy managed to sell his old car and was happy to get it off his hands.
  • off one's high horse
    перестать важничать
    "I want you to get off your high horse and stop acting as if you were better than other people."
  • off one's rocker
    не все дома, "винтика в голове не хватает"
    "I am beginning to think that you are off your rocker if you allowed that guy to cheat you out of your money."
  • off the top of one's head
    (знать) на память, (быть) спонтанным, не подготовленным заранее
    George knew all the facts and figures in the report off the top of his head.
  • off to one side
    (стоять) около, (быть) немного отодвинутым от чего-либо
    He moved the old bookcase off to one side from the wall, trying to clean it from top to bottom.
  • on one's best behavior
    (быть) чрезвычайно вежливым
    I told my son to be on his best behavior when we went to visit my friend.
  • on one's chest
    (тяжело) на душе
    Zeta had many problems on her chest, but she was reluctant to confide in anyone.
  • on one's coat-tails
    в результате чьих-либо усилий
    This deputy was elected on his rich sponsors' coat-tails.
  • on one's feet
    быть на ногах
    Kelly has been very busy; she has been on her feet since early morning.
  • on one's guard
    осторожный, бдительный
    I saw that Tim was on his guard, but I didn't know the reason of his cautiousness.
  • on one's heels
    позади, следом
    When Steve walks his dog Fluffy, it is always on his master's heels.
  • on one's high horse
    важничать, относиться пренебрежительно
    I don't like Eva; she is always on her high horse and never has any regard for other people.
  • on one's honor
    честно и искренне
    Alec is absolutely trustworthy; he is on his honor when he looks after the money of the shipbuilding company.
  • on one's mind
    занимать все мысли
    "I'm glad you want to talk about this problem. It's been on my mind for days."
  • on one's own
    My sister is married and lives on her own.
  • on one's own time
    в свободное время
    My boss told me to make my personal phone calls on my own time but not at work.
  • on one's person
    (иметь) при себе
    The drug dealer had a certain amount of heroin on his person when he was arrested.
  • on one's shoulders
    чья-либо ответственность
    Paul prefers to put the failure of his undertakings on someone else's shoulders.
  • on one's toes
    быть в состоянии активности
    Our lecturer keeps the students on their toes by giving them a lot of interesting information.
  • on the edge of one's seat
    нервно ожидать чего-либо, "сидеть на краешке стула"
    Tim was on the edge of his seat all morning; he was waiting for the telegram from his mother.
  • on the one hand
    с одной стороны
    Jim has a very contradictory nature. On the one hand he is ambitious on the other hand he is shy.
  • on the tip of one's tongue
    вертится на языке (не припомню)
    I know his name; it's on the tip of my tongue, but I can't quite remember it at the moment.
  • one (for someone)
    один единственный, подходящий (человек) для кого-либо
    Fisher thought that Margaret was the one for him, so he was going to propose marriage.
  • one after another
    один за другим
    I understood the meaning of the proverb 'it never rains but it pours' when misfortunes began to come one after another.
  • one and all
    все, все вместе
    The members of the council one and all were devoted to the public good.
  • one and only
    единственный, уникальный
    There was an interview with the one and only inventor of a digital camera.
  • one and the same
    тот же самый \ одно и тоже
    It is one and the same book which I saw in the book store.
  • one at a time
    каждый отдельно, по одному
    While eating meat, cut off a piece and eat it one at a time.
  • one by one
    один за другим
    The film being over, the people were leaving the auditorium one by one.
  • one foot in the grave
    одной ногой в могиле
    My grandfather is ninety-nine and has one foot in the grave.
  • one for the (record) books
    что-либо необычное или из ряда вон выходящее
    His latest article about the origin of the Universe is one for the books.