Идиомы на букву O

  • OAP
    Old Age Pensioner - пенсионер
    This store often gives discount that was to OAPs.
  • OAU
    Organization of African Unity - организация Африканского единства
    Zimbabwe is a member of the OAU.
  • occur to (someone)
    придти в голову, дойти до кого-либо
    It suddenly occurred to him that he had forgotten to send Emily a birthday card.
  • ocean(s) of (something)
    очень большое количество чего-либо
    The library contains oceans of various books and magazines.
  • OD
    Overdose - передозировка (лекарств)
    It was reported that several young men died because of a drug OD.
  • odd (something)
    нечётный, непарный; необычный, странный
    There were a few odd stools in the kitchen.
  • odd man out
    третий лишний
    The two of them were chatting merrily and I felt as if I were the odd man out in their company.
  • oddball
    чудак, своеобразно мыслящий человек
    Adam Smith is an oddball, and very often he doesn't act like other people.
  • odds and ends
    остатки, обрезки, разные мелочи
    The tailor made a suit for the boy out of the odds and ends of the cloth.
  • odds are against one
    малый шанс на успех
    Tim tried to join a basketball team, but the odds were against him.
  • odor of sanctity
    ореол святости
    There is an odor of sanctity in the Lincoln Cathedral.
  • of age
    быть совершеннолетним
    In England young people come of age when they are twenty-one.
  • of all the nerve
    Of all the nerve for my father to refuse to pay my living expenses!
  • of all things
    Подумать только! Вот тебе и на!
    "Well, of all things, what are you doing here?"
  • of benefit to (someone)
    на благо кого-либо
    Exercising in the gym is of benefit to me, and I try to do it regularly.
  • of course
    Dora has invited me to stay with her this weekend; of course, we'll go.
  • of interest (to someone)
    быть интересным кому-либо
    "I suppose this information will be of interest to you."
  • of late
    недавно, в последнее время
    Of late I haven't seen any of my classmates.
  • of one mind
    быть одного мнения, соглашаться с кем-либо
    The teaching staff and the principal were of one mind when they decided to change the curriculum.
  • of one's own free will/accord
    по собственной воле, по своему желанию
    It was her choice; she had married that man of her own free will.
  • of the old school
    приверженец старой школы
    My mother's attitudes to the way people should be dressed are of the old school.
  • of the same mind
    быть таково же мнения, соглашаться с кем-либо
    It is a good thing when husband and wife are of the same mind about the upbringing of their children.
  • of two minds
    быть в нерешительности, сомневаться
    I am of two minds whether to go to Elmer's party tonight. On the one hand I like Elmer on the other I hate parties.
  • off (someone or something) goes
    Ну, мы пошли \ поехали!
    "Off we go," said the Bogart as he perched on the top of the wagon.
  • off and on
    время от времени, с промежутками
    That day Sheila was cleaning the house and watching television off and on.
  • off and running
    начать бег, разбежаться
    The athletes were off and running as soon as the signal sounded.
  • off balance
    выведенный из равновесия
    I had never expected to see Mark again; for a moment I was thrown off balance when he came into the room.
  • off base
    неверный, ошибочный, неточный
    The economist was off base with his estimation of the firm's profit.
  • off campus
    (быть) за территорией колледжа или университета
    The cafe we usually went to was off campus.
  • off duty
    свободный от дежурства, вне службы
    The security guard was off duty; he was going home when he noticed a stranger hanging around the parking lot.
  • off guard
    быть не готовым к непредвиденному
    My friend asked me if he could borrow my scooter, and it caught me off guard.
  • off like a shot
    быстро, моментально уйти; стремительно убежать
    The burglar was off like a shot when he heard the alarm starting to ring.
  • off limits
    (вход) запрещён
    There was a sign on the lab door: "Off limits to all unauthorized personnel".
  • off one's back
    перестать докучать кому-либо, беспокоить кого-либо
    "I wish you would get off my back and stop asking me silly questions."
  • off one's chest
    снять груз с души
    My problems have been gnawing me, and at last I decided to talk to my friend to get them off my chest.