Идиомы на букву O

  • off (someone or something) goes
    Ну, мы пошли \ поехали!
    "Off we go," said the Bogart as he perched on the top of the wagon.
  • off and on
    время от времени, с промежутками
    That day Sheila was cleaning the house and watching television off and on.
  • off and running
    начать бег, разбежаться
    The athletes were off and running as soon as the signal sounded.
  • off balance
    выведенный из равновесия
    I had never expected to see Mark again; for a moment I was thrown off balance when he came into the room.
  • off base
    неверный, ошибочный, неточный
    The economist was off base with his estimation of the firm's profit.
  • off campus
    (быть) за территорией колледжа или университета
    The cafe we usually went to was off campus.
  • off duty
    свободный от дежурства, вне службы
    The security guard was off duty; he was going home when he noticed a stranger hanging around the parking lot.
  • off guard
    быть не готовым к непредвиденному
    My friend asked me if he could borrow my scooter, and it caught me off guard.
  • off like a shot
    быстро, моментально уйти; стремительно убежать
    The burglar was off like a shot when he heard the alarm starting to ring.
  • off limits
    (вход) запрещён
    There was a sign on the lab door: "Off limits to all unauthorized personnel".
  • off one's back
    перестать докучать кому-либо, беспокоить кого-либо
    "I wish you would get off my back and stop asking me silly questions."
  • off one's chest
    снять груз с души
    My problems have been gnawing me, and at last I decided to talk to my friend to get them off my chest.
  • off one's hands
    (сбыть) с рук, избавиться
    Jeremy managed to sell his old car and was happy to get it off his hands.
  • off one's high horse
    перестать важничать
    "I want you to get off your high horse and stop acting as if you were better than other people."
  • off one's rocker
    не все дома, "винтика в голове не хватает"
    "I am beginning to think that you are off your rocker if you allowed that guy to cheat you out of your money."
  • off season
    мёртвый сезон; сезон, когда охота запрещена
    During the off season the rate for the hotel rooms is the cheapest.
  • off the air
    не передавать, не транслировать (по радио)
    It was very late and the radio station was off the air.
  • off the beam
    неверный, ошибочный
    What our boss said about the new rules was off the beam.
  • off the beaten track
    оригинальный, не избитый; мало известный
    When we went to the country, we had dinner in a cafe that was off the beaten track.
  • off the hook
    избежать неприятной или затруднительный ситуации
    I hope I am off the hook now; I have avoided the punishment for the broken window.
  • off the mark
    ошибочный, неправильный, не относящийся к делу
    "This statement of yours is right off the mark."
  • off the record
    неофициальный, не подлежащий оглашению
    "I am telling you all this off the record, and I hope you will keep your mouth shut."
  • off the subject
    не по теме, не относится к предмету обсуждения
    Allan started talking off the subject, but I stopped him.
  • off the top of one's head
    (знать) на память, (быть) спонтанным, не подготовленным заранее
    George knew all the facts and figures in the report off the top of his head.
  • off the track
    (быть) на ложном пути, уклониться от темы
    The speaker was a long way off the track.
  • off the wagon
    взяться за старое (снова начать пить)
    Ron is off the wagon again. He stopped drinking for a while but now he is doing it again.
  • off the wall
    странный или глупый
    "I am surprised at you! Your remarks are very much off the wall."
  • off to a running start
    хорошее, быстрое начало
    These students are off to a running start. They are making good progress in learning English.
  • off to one side
    (стоять) около, (быть) немного отодвинутым от чего-либо
    He moved the old bookcase off to one side from the wall, trying to clean it from top to bottom.
  • off-center
    не по центру
    The picture on the wall was off-center, so I had to put it right.
  • off-color
    нездоровый вид, непристойная шутка, не совсем тот цвет
    Tom finds delight in telling off-color jokes.
  • off-the-cuff
    без подготовки, экспромтом
    Joe prefers to speak off the cuff; he can very well do it without any preparation.
  • on again, off again
    неустроенный, изменчивый, неопределённый
    Their plans for the purchase of a new house were on again, off again because of the lack of money.
  • on and off
    периодически, время от времени
    It has been snowing on and off since last night.
  • on the off chance
    на всякий случай
    I went fishing last Sunday and took a spare fishing rod on the off-chance.