Идиомы на букву W

  • win (someone's) heart
    добиться чьей-либо любви, расположения
    "If you want to win Leona's heart, you should be kind and caring to her."
  • win (someone) over
    склонить на свою сторону, расположить к себе
    William won the English teacher over and she allowed him to stay away from classes for a few days.
  • win (something) hands down
    выиграть с лёгкостью, шутя одержать победу
    The tennis player won the game hands down.
  • win by a neck
    немного опередить (досл. опередить на голову)
    The ski race was very close, but at the end a young skier pulled ahead and won by a neck.
  • win by a nose
    незначительно опередить
    Jeremy was about to get the job, but Lionel won him by a nose.
  • win out (over someone or something)
    добиться успеха, выиграть процесс
    The lawsuit lasted a long time, but we finally won it out.