Идиомы на букву W

  • wait with bated breath
    ждать с нетерпением; ждать, затаив дыхание
    Jack waited with bated breath for the results of his medical tests.
  • waltz off with (something)
    добиться лёгкой победы в чём-либо
    Garry waltzed off with the chess tournament yesterday.
  • welcome (someone) with open arms
    радушно приветствовать, встречать с распростертыми объятиями
    They welcomed the delegation with open arms.
  • what with
    из-за, в результате
    Frank couldn't visit his aunt, what with the snowstorm and the cold he had.
  • What's (up) with (someone)
    Что случилось с (кем-либо)?
    "What's up with you? You seem to be upset about something."
  • wipe the floor with (someone)
    избить кого-либо
    Rick was ready to wipe the floor with the man who had insulted him.
  • with a heavy heart
    с тяжёлым сердцем
    I told my friend about the accident with a heavy heart.
  • with a jaundiced eye
    (видеть что-либо) в искажённом виде
    Mr. Smith is clever, but unfortunately he sees everything with a jaundiced eye.
  • with a vengeance
    решительно и со рвением
    I stayed away from my job for a month and then after a long break I started it again with a vengeance.
  • with all one's heart (and soul)
    всей душой, охотно, искренне
    Lucy is a wonderful woman; I admire her with all my heart and soul.
  • with all the fixings
    гарнир, всевозможное дополнение к основному блюду
    In this cafe they serve meals with all the fixings.
  • with an eye to (doing something)
    с намерением делать что-либо
    Sam Willows bought a big apartment house with an eye to renting it tenants.
  • with ease
    с лёгкостью, непринуждённо
    Adam answered all the questions with ease.
  • with every (other) breath
    (постоянно) говорить, повторять что-либо
    My mother always tells me with every other breath not to come home late.
  • with everything (on it)
    со всем, что прилагается к этому
    I was hungry, so I ordered a sandwich with everything on it.
  • with flying colors
    с огромным успехом
    Victor was able to finish the race with flying colors.
  • with hat in hand
    униженно, смиренно
    I was about to come to my friend with hat in hand to ask him to forgive me.
  • with impunity
    Young Steve was sure he could do anything he wanted with impunity.
  • with it
    быть предупреждённым, хорошо осведомлённым
    The drug dealer was really with it when he hastily left the town.
  • with no strings attached
    без каких-либо обязательств
    My friend gave me his laptop to use with no strings attached.
  • with one's tail between one's legs
    испугаться или струсить, "поджать хвост"
    The boss told Mike to get out, and the latter left the office with his tail between his legs.
  • with open arms
    тепло, радостно встречать кого-либо; встречать с распростертыми объятиями
    My friends were happy to see me and they greeted me with open arms.
  • with relish
    с наслаждением
    I was very hungry and ate my food with relish.
  • with respect to (something)
    относительно чего-либо, что касается
    The letter was undated with respect to the time and place.
  • with the best of them
    также, как любой другой
    The boy can learn with the best of them if he makes the effort.
  • work hand in hand (with someone)
    тесно взаимодействовать с кем-либо, работать рука об руку
    The local authorities are working hand in hand with the population to clean the town after the flood.
  • work wonders (with someone or something)
    творить чудеса, быть благоприятным для кого-либо \ чего-либо
    "A good night's sleep will work wonders with you."
  • wouldn't touch (someone or something) with a ten-foot pole
    ни за что бы не связался с кем-либо или не ввязался во что-либо
    If I knew Kimberly were so stingy, I wouldn't have touched her books with a ten-foot pole.