Идиомы на букву W

  • work hand in hand (with someone)
    тесно взаимодействовать с кем-либо, работать рука об руку
    The local authorities are working hand in hand with the population to clean the town after the flood.
  • work in
    втирать, проникать, просачиваться
    The mother told Silvia to put some ointment on her skin and to work it in gently with her fingers.
  • work in (someone or something)
    вклиниваться, включать (в расписание)
    When Professor Deanster was planning a course of lectures, she worked in a few ones on Russian History.
  • work into (something)
    просунуть что-либо (с трудом)
    The shoes were rather tight and I worked my feet into them with difficulty.
  • work like a horse
    много работать, "работать как лошадь"
    My grandmother is very fond of gardening, and she works like a horse to make the garden look nice.
  • work off
    избавиться, освободиться
    It was a convenient way of working off social obligations.
  • work one's fingers to the bone
    усердно работать, работать до мозолей
    Susan complained that she had to work her fingers to the bone for a meager pittance of a salary.
  • work one's way through college
    работать, учась в колледже (университете)
    Steve had to work his way through college at a restaurant as a waiter.
  • work out
    прорабатывать, срабатывать, иметь определённый результат
    The boss asked me to work out the marketing costs.
  • work out (a problem)
    решить проблему
    Tamara had had trouble getting along with her mother-in-law, but they finally worked it out.
  • work out (for the best)
    успешно закончиться, принести результаты
    If this commuter bus service works out, it will be used in other parts of the city.
  • work over
    угрожать или избить (кого-либо)
    Last Saturday right after midnight, the hoodlums worked over Timothy in the park.
  • work overtime
    работать сверхурочно
    I had been working overtime almost every day last month before I finished the design of the office building.
  • work up
    возбуждать, доводить до (какого-либо эмоционального состояния)
    Samuel couldn't work up any interest in the book he was trying to read.
  • work wonders (with someone or something)
    творить чудеса, быть благоприятным для кого-либо \ чего-либо
    "A good night's sleep will work wonders with you."