Shut Up!

текст песни Pyracanda


You never knew me, you never wanted
to know,
Oh, who I'm where I go
'Til the day I stepped out of the crowd
thought you were my friend, I was a
little bit proud

But this has changed somehow
You've turned your back on me
Hey you, where are you now
Since success has stopped for me?
And still I hear the cho of your blurb.

You know for sure what's best for us
You were the one who we could trust
I built my hopes on the promise you made
Lot's of illusions you took me from the start


Was it for you recognition
Or to be seen with me just for your
In superficiality: you're telling tales to be
accepted by me.

I am the one, I'll do for you
I'll help you through
you-better shut, shut up.
You just shut the breeze
Oh, leave me on my own
before you let me down
You-better shut up, shut up

Oh, am I number four or were there
already more
You've promised the light and the world tonight?
I'm already confused
Why don't you tell me the truth?
Don't need your judas caress.
Your just a pain in the ass.

Was it for recognition...

I'm the one...

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