Speak English, if you speak at all (to all advanced)

  • nonamer
    Nice suggestion, leave here the link.

  • Hi, everyone! If you don't mind I'll willingly join your community, but it'll take some time to get to know with all the post placed here and get a better insight into the matter, you are discussing.

  • hello?I'm from russia and I want anybody talk with me serjio

  • Oleg

  • Maybe some beer will help to fresh up the situation? Uups! I forgot. This site is for learned folk only, and they never drink beer...

  • is anybody here?

  • here i am !!! recently i cant give out my message in here .finally it works for me.

  • by the way ...thats the link to have a chat in english or at pleasure in russian)

    have a good time !=)

  • there is got a tiny little problem is a link that be sent by me didnt come into view in here .i think that rules of this forum causes

  • Lucy ....proposal about a beer is good idea i join you with it even in here =)