Speak English, if you speak at all (to all advanced)

  • what beer kinds do you prefer in real life ?what sort of light meal with a beer do you prefer?maybe aint mind to take a biological vodka ?) some wine?))

  • NO vodka! Beer or white wine might be good. Don't you think we may be kicked out of the forum for drinking alcohol beverages?

  • hey hello again!long time no see)
    Lucy didnt think of that, considering this forum for acquiring knowledge of english, any subject is allowed without exception as far as i can see
    truly this thoughts came up in my heaD right now.
    anyway we arestill present in here hooray!!!

  • well ok i understand that things in a rude manner aint acceptable in here needless to say ! im human that has common sense =))

  • i think that tiny little topic about beer doesnt mess up )

  • i got sleepless nite now im all alone here))
    it seems to be monolog

  • You're not a frequent visitor, you know - once a week. The beer got sour yesterday. Why got a sleepless night? There is nothing like sleeping, m-m-m-m! :-)

  • i just leave behind constantly to peek in here and highly often im busy with full time job
    look matesoul i dont know a cause my sleepless nite last time perhaps coz of i gone to bed that early i dont know . in general thigs like that happen at times))
    a little later around morning i ve fallen in sleep though but it didnt help me to get enough sleep well
    well one of these day i get enough sleep anyway
    hows your day going today ? i came from my work recently and dropped in to drop a line here)
    now im going to eat in))sign off))back in a bit))

  • Preparing for tomorrow's French exam(( To be frank - preparing to cheat in it;-) We, senior students, never let exams prevent us from all-night sleeping:) And you? Got diff time at your job?

  • never let something hinder your all nite sleeping ?)) sounds well)) is that concerning to exam only isnt it?))