Speak English, if you speak at all (to all advanced)

  • relatively cheating in exam is very good idea only thing is to watch out plz keep things under control surrounding you on exam

  • Have a good one))

  • I DID it!!! And very successfully. Aren't I a good girl?
    I fairly deserve a bit of joy tonight:)

  • good for you!!you really good girl)you have a right to be good Lady)

  • i meant ....for real to be a lady =)

  • im eating a fish ...by the way ... now what designs have you got after?

  • I have a day-off today) Got up at 11:30:) AT the present moment doing nothing. Have the last exam tommorow - I'm going to read lectures and meet my friends tonight. Now it's your turn to tell me something about yourself. I know only that your name is "nonamer" and that your troubled mind (or body)) doesn't allow you to sleep well:)

  • Couldn't wait. Went to sleep. Good night, yawn...yawn...:)

  • wow i just peeked in this place ,look at what time is it now ))wow!! i ve day off tomorrow .im gonna sleep the whole day till evening comes .friday im in love))currently im overdrunk ///sorry i aint clear headed ...
    ....will type here some other time ...in short ...see you here

  • hey