Tell me about yourself in english

  • Emma : Will wait your tales - Will wait for your tales.

  • Hola (1) Emma!!!
    I wonder girl of fifteen years listen to the jazz! (2)
    It is interesting to me which of musicians you do? (3)

    1. Hello
    2. That's a complete mess! Totally wrong
    3. Very unnatural, completely irrelevant

    I go along with Mr. Cee. You need to get to grips with simple grammar. Anyway, don't give up!

  • emma listen to jazz music Please, avoid making unnecessary mistakes in the future. I sincerely hope you'll do your best to stay on the right track. Good luck in your studies!

  • Hi !!! I am ALEx the specially for you/.I am 21.i live in moscow city. I like to play the footboll, listen mixed type of the music. I love radio. My lovely redio 77 wabc. What do you thing about all?

  • а Thats great!!!!!!! I adore Arsenal and Chelsy. What about you?

  • My favourite football team is Omsk's Gas and Meat ОмскГазМяс. Hahaha/

  • And your favourite goalkeeper is Gatalsky, isn`t he?

  • No-no-no. My favourite goalkeeper is goal gate. I am Gatalsky. Ha-ha.

  • What can you say about sax? Where you had a most class sex? Speak about all!!!

  • Alex, what does "class" mean? :)
    Sex is just a sexual intercourse.