Идиомы на тему Animals

  • as fat as a pig
    жирный как свинья
    "If you go on eating as much as you do now, you'll be as fat as a pig."
  • buy a pig in a poke
    купить кота в мешке
    You can buy a second-hand car, but it will be like buying a pig in a poke if you do not look at it properly first.
  • go hog-wild
    вести себя бесконтрольно, безудержно
    The football fans went hog-wild when their favorite team won the game.
  • go whole hog
    делать всё возможное
    They went whole hog in their effort to make sure that the contest would be a success.
  • in a pig's eye
    ни коим образом, никогда
    "Would I marry Tom? In a pig's eye!"
  • piggy bank
    копилка (в виде свиньи)
    The mother gave Rita a piggy bank to put small coins into.
  • piggyback
    переносить кого-либо на плечах или на спине
    "Dad, I want you to give me a piggyback ride."
  • road hog
    водитель, мешающий проезду другого транспорта
    Leo is a regular road-hog; he always uses more than his share of the road.
  • serve as a guinea pig
    быть подопытным кроликом
    "Is that a test you are going to perform? I don't want to serve as a guinea pig."