Идиомы на тему Animals

  • as blind as a bat
    слепой, "слепой как крот"
    I have lost my glasses, and without them I am as blind as a bat.
  • as poor as a church mouse
    бедный как церковная мышь
    Cathy can't afford a new car; she is as poor as a church mouse.
  • as quiet as a mouse
    тихий как мышь, робкий
    The child was playing with her toys and was as quiet as a mouse.
  • best-laid plans of mice and men
    хорошо продуманные планы
    Even the best-laid plans of mice and men cannot prevent you from misfortune.
  • have bats in one's belfry
    быть не в своём уме, "винтика не хватает"
    I think Molly has bats in her belfry; she always talks gibberish.
  • like a bat out of hell
    очень быстро, со всех ног, во весь опор
    The thief left the house like a bat out of hell.
  • play cat and mouse with (someone)
    дразнить, дурачить; "играть в кошки-мышки"
    "Please, stop playing cat and mouse with me; I want to know your intentions immediately."
  • rat on (someone)
    выдать кого-либо, рассказав о неприглядном поведении; донести
    I asked my sister not to tell Mother about the spoilt carpet, but she ratted on me.
  • rat out on (someone)
    бросить кого-либо в беде, предать
    My best friend ratted out on me at a critical time, and I am not going to forgive him his betrayal.
  • rat race
    жизнь, как бесконечная гонка и отчаянная борьба за успех; "крысиные бега"
    Working and living in a big city is too much of a rat race that's why Sandra is not satisfied with her life in New-York.
  • smell a rat
    заподозрить, почуять неладное
    When Clara didn't come back with my money, I began to smell a rat.
  • when the cat's away, the mice will play
    без кота мышам раздолье
    When the mother left the room, the children began to make a lot of noise. When the cat's away, the mice will play.