Идиомы на тему Animals

  • dog-eat-dog
    человек человеку – волк, волчьи законы
    In Alaska during the gold rush gold-miners had a dog-eat-dog life.
  • have a whale of a time
    хорошо провести время
    I went to my friend's birthday party last night and had a whale of a time.
  • top dog
    самая важная персона в организации
    Mr. Abrahams is the top dog in his company.
  • as sick as a dog
    очень больной
    Yates was shivering with cold and looked as sick as a dog.
  • alley cat
    бродячая, бездомная кошка
    There is an alley cat which I see near my house very often.
  • let sleeping dogs lie
    не нарывайся на неприятности, "не буди лиха пока лихо тихо"
    "Don't ask him about his problems; he might get angry. Better let sleeping dogs lie."
  • rain cats and dogs
    льёт как из ведра
    The sky is overcast, and I bet it's raining cats and dogs in the mountains.
  • as clean as a hound's tooth
    очень чистый
    When I finished cleaning the kitchen, it looked as clean as a hound's tooth.
  • ahead of the pack
    (быть) впереди всех
    I studied hard so that I could be ahead of the pack in my class.
  • hair of the dog that bit one
    напиток, принимаемый с похмелья
    Jeff woke up and had the hair of the dog that bit him first thing in the morning.
  • Holy cow!
    Боже мой! Вот те на! (выражение сильных чувств удивления, удовольствия или гнева)
    "Holy cow," Diane exclaimed when she saw the flames coming out of the window on the first floor of the building.
  • see a man about a dog
    пойти в туалет (эвфемизм)
    Jeremy drank too much beer, so he had to stop his car several times to see a man about a dog.
  • black sheep of the family
    паршивая овца (в семье)
    My cousin Cora is a high school dropout. My relatives think her to be the black sheep of the family.
  • put on the dog
    экстравагантно одеваться, свободно вести себя или хорошо развлекаться
    Let's go to a luxurious restaurant and put on the dog.
  • every dog has his day
    всему своё время
    Celia will be able to travel alone when she grows up. Every dog has his day.
  • shaggy dog story
    длинный бессмысленный рассказ
    My cousin told me a shaggy dog story about how she had lost her purse.
  • cat nap
    короткий сон днём
    "I am going to take a cat nap in the afternoon, so don't disturb me."
  • have a cow
    очень рассердиться или расстроиться
    Mrs. Rivet had a cow when she discovered that her son was doing badly at school.
  • put the cat among the pigeons
    причинять неприятности, "пустить козла в огород"
    "Don't send your secretary to talk to the angry students; it's like putting the cat among the pigeons."
  • monkey see, monkey do
    копировать, "обезьянничать"
    It was monkey see, monkey do for Derek. He copied everything that his friend did.
  • as blind as a bat
    слепой, "слепой как крот"
    I have lost my glasses, and without them I am as blind as a bat.
  • go to the dogs
    ухудшаться, разрушаться, "пойти прахом"
    "If you don't do something about your business, it will go to the dogs."
  • in the doghouse
    (быть) в немилости, иметь неприятности
    Alice was in the doghouse with her boy friend because she had let him down.
  • kangaroo court
    неправедный суд, незаконное разбирательство
    "I refuse to be convicted by a kangaroo court!"
  • fight like cats and dogs
    жить (драться) как кошка с собакой
    The Johnsons have been married for years, and all this time they have been fighting like cats and dogs.
  • call the dogs off
    прекратить преследование или угрозы
    I told Jack to call the dogs off and stop waylaying me otherwise I would go to the police.
  • dog and pony show
    представление лишь для того, чтобы произвести впечатление (как в цирке)
    I asked a few questions about the project, but all I got was a dog and pony show.
  • as busy as a beaver
    быть очень занятым
    Paul seems to be as busy as a beaver all the time.
  • let the cat out of the bag
    проболтаться, разболтать, выдать секрет
    "I meant to have kept my engagement a secret and not let the cat out of the bag."
  • leopard can't change its spots
    невозможно исправить человеческую натуру, "горбатого могила исправит"
    My boy friend apologized for having deceived me, but I don't believe him. A leopard can't change its spots.
  • as nervous as a cat
    очень нервный
    The woman was as nervous as a cat when she talked to the bank manager.
  • tail wagging the dog
    ситуация, когда кто-либо незначительный держит всё под контролем
    Jim is just a minor employee in the firm, yet he tries to give everyone orders; I think it's a case of the tail wagging the dog.
  • as weak as a kitten
    очень слабый, тщедушный
    Anne recovered from her illness but was as weak as a kitten.
  • lead a dog's life
    вести несчастную (собачью) жизнь
    Ron has been leading a dog's life since he retired.
  • bull in a china shop
    слон в посудной лавке (о неловком или бестактном человеке)
    My boy friend is like a bull in a china shop; he is not only very clumsy, but he is also tactless.