Идиомы на тему Animals

  • back the wrong horse
    делать ставку не на того (человека)
    In voting for Senator Plush, voters in 1992 were backing the wrong horse.
  • bet on the wrong horse
    выбирать неверный курс, "поставить не на ту лошадь"
    "I am sure you are betting on the wrong horse when you try to support that project."
  • change horses in midstream
    производить крупные перемены в неподходящий момент, "коней на переправе не меняют"
    Jim has decided to change his coach before the match, but I told him he'd better not change horses in midstream.
  • dark horse
    малоизвестный кандидат
    It happens so that a dark horse candidate may get elected senator.
  • eat like a horse
    много есть, есть как лошадь
    The children spent most of their time outdoors, and when they came home in the evening they ate like horses.
  • get off one's high horse
    перестать важничать
    I wish George would get off his high horse as it is very annoying.
  • get on one's high horse
    вести себя высокомерно, важничать
    Alice is very bossy; when she gets on her high horse, there is no stopping her.
  • hold one's horses
    ждать, быть терпеливым, "попридержи коней"
    "Hold your horses!" Mr. Smith said to Ron when the latter said he would call the police.
  • horse around
    беситься, шуметь
    The children were horsing around in the back yard.
  • horse of a different color
    что-то совсем другое, отличное от чего-либо
    I don't think much of this show. It is a horse of a different color. I liked the previous one much better.
  • horse sense
    здравый смысл, мудрость в принятии решений
    I can never rely on his horse sense; he is not wise enough to make a proper decision.
  • horse trade
    усиленно торговаться, "рядиться", вести трудные переговоры
    They had to horse trade, but they were finally able to make a business agreement.
  • lock the barn door after the horse is gone
    пытаться исправить положение
    Tina failed the examination and said she would study hard after that. She wanted to lock the barn door after the horse was gone.
  • look a gift horse in the mouth
    дарёному коню в рот не смотрят"
    William's father gave him a computer, but William complained that the computer was outdated. His father told him not to look a gift horse in the mouth.
  • on horseback
    верхом на лошади
    I saw Pam ride on horseback yesterday.
  • put the cart before the horse
    начать не с того конца, поступать шиворот-навыворот, "поставить телегу впереди лошади"
    They put the cart before the horse and took the effect for the cause.
  • straight from the horse's mouth
    услышать прямо из чьих-либо уст
    I heard the news about my friend's promotion straight from the horse's mouth.
  • wild horses could not drag (someone away)
    ничто не может заставить кого-либо оторваться от что-либо
    Wild horses could not drag Emily away from her favorite computer game.
  • work like a horse
    много работать, "работать как лошадь"
    My grandmother is very fond of gardening, and she works like a horse to make the garden look nice.
  • you can lead a horse to water (but you can't make it drink)
    можно предоставить кому-либо возможность, но нельзя заставить делать что-либо силой
    Alec was given the opportunity to study at a community college, but he decided not to enter the college. Well, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.