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  • air one's dirty linen in public
    обсуждать личные проблемы в присутствии посторонних, "выносить сор из избы"
    I don't think much of people who prefer to air their dirty linen in public.
  • at the drop of a hat
    тотчас же, спонтанно
    When my friend wants my assistance, I help him at the drop of a hat.
  • bet one's boots
    держать пари, биться об заклад
    I bet my boots that Jeremy won't be promoted so soon after he started his new job.
  • birthday suit
    голый, "в чём мать родила"
    The children were bathing in the sea in their birthday suits.
  • buckle down to (do something)
    энергично приниматься за дело
    The father told his son to stop fooling around and buckle down to do his work.
  • burn a hole in one's pocket
    долго не держаться (о деньгах), "прожечь дыру в кармане"
    It's no wonder Jim is always short of money; the money often burns a hole in his pocket.
  • burst at the seams
    лопаться по швам, быть переполненным сверх меры
    The bus was very overcrowded; it was literally bursting at the seams.
  • catch (someone) with their pants down
    застать кого-либо врасплох или за неподходящим занятием
    The boy was caught with his pants down when he tried to take his father's wallet.
  • come into fashion
    войти в моду
    Fleece jackets have recently come into fashion.
  • decked out in (something)
    быть нарядно одетым
    At the award ceremony all the women were decked out in beautiful dresses.
  • die with one's boots on
    умереть преждевременно или умереть на работе
    Mr. Google had been working hard all his life and died with his boots on from a heart attack.
  • dress up
    вырядится, надеть свою лучшую одежду
    Jenny dressed up before she went to a festive dinner at her friends'.
  • dressed to kill
    быть разодетым в пух и прах
    Margaret was sure she was dressed to kill when I saw her at the restaurant.
  • dressed to the nines/teeth
    быть элегантно, очень хорошо одетым
    The young woman was dressed to the teeth when she went to the theater performance.
  • fill (someone's) shoes
    занять чьё-либо место
    It was difficult for Mr. Sandford to fill the shoes of the previous lecturer.
  • fine-tooth/toothed comb
    тщательный просмотр, прочёсывание
    Cora went over the whole house with a fine-tooth comb, but she could not find her new pantyhose.
  • fit like a glove
    прекрасно подходить (об одежде)
    I'd like to buy a dress which will fit like a glove.
  • fly by the seat of one's pants
    действовать скорее интуитивно, чем исходя из знаний и логики
    I hate to fly by the seat of my pants when there is nobody to help me in my job.
  • hand-me-down
    Cinderella had to wear hand-me-down clothes when she lived in her stepmother's house.
  • handle (someone) with kid gloves
    обращаться с кем-либо бережно и осторожно
    Sue is difficult to deal with, so you'd better handle her with kid gloves when you speak to her.
  • have (something) up one's sleeve
    держать что-либо в тайне до подходящего времени; иметь что-либо про запас
    Victor was not afraid of being fired as he had some slanderous information up his sleeve about the firm.
  • have a bee in one's bonnet
    носиться с идеей, быть помешанным на чём-либо
    My friend has a bee in her bonnet about immigrating to Canada.
  • have ants in one's pants
    нервничать, беспокоиться
    Silvia was restless all day as if she had ants in her pants.
  • hit (someone) below the belt
    нанести кому-либо предательский удар, удар ниже пояса
    Alan hit me below the belt when he told everybody about my problems.
  • if the shoe fits wear it
    принимать замечание на свой счёт, "на воре шапка горит"
    Ann was mortally offended by my harmless remark. I looked at her and said that if the shoe fits, wear it.
  • in (someone's) shoes
    на чьём-либо месте
    "If I were in your shoes, I would have done the same."
  • keep (something) under one's hat
    держать что-либо в секрете, не распространяться, помалкивать
    Liz is very secretive; she won't tell me what her plans for the future are. She prefers to keep them under her hat.
  • keep one's shirt on
    сохранять спокойствие, не нервничать, не горячиться
    During the meeting everybody was agitated; Nick was the only one who was able to keep his shirt on.
  • lose one's shirt
    растратить, "спустить" почти все деньги
    "Don't you think that you may lose your shirt on this new business venture?"
  • off-the-cuff
    без подготовки, экспромтом
    Joe prefers to speak off the cuff; he can very well do it without any preparation.
  • old hat
    My furniture is old hat and I am going to get rid of it.
  • on (someone's) coat-tails
    в результате чьей-либо поддержки
    The man was elected to the city council on his co-workers' coat-tails.
  • on a shoestring
    с ограниченными средствами
    Greg decided to start his small business on a shoestring.
  • pull (something) out of a hat
    получить что-либо, как будто бы по волшебству
    The young man had applied for a grant and was fortunate to pull it out of a hat.
  • pull up one's socks
    напрячь силы, подтянуться
    "If I were you, I'd pull my socks up, or you will not be able to continue taking this class."