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  • eat one's words
    взять свои слова назад
    "I must admit I am wrong, so I will have to eat my words."
  • eat out
    поесть в ресторане
    My boy friend invited me to eat out tonight.
  • eat out of (someone's) hand
    беспрекословно слушаться кого-либо
    "I am not going to eat out of your hand and to do everything what you want me to."
  • eat out of (someone's) hands
    безоговорочно подчиняться кому-либо, "плясать под чью-либо дудку"
    Jack is a very proud man. I don't think he is capable of eating out of anybody's hand.
  • eating someone
    беспокоить, волновать кого-либо
    I saw that something was eating my friend and I asked her what it was.
  • ebb and flow
    взлёт и падение
    The ebb and flow in the profession of an artist is quite a common thing.
  • ECG
    Electrocardiogram - электрокардиограмма (ЭКГ)
    The doctor advised me to take an ECG test as soon as possible.
  • edge (someone) out
    вытеснить, оттеснить кого-либо и получить работу
    Pat easily edged out the other applicants and got the job of a company secretary.
  • egg (someone) on
    подстрекать, подбивать
    It was Samantha who egged him on to write that letter.
  • either feast or famine
    то пиршество, то голод; "разом густо, разом пусто"
    Tamara got used to 'either feast or famine' style of life; for her it is feast today and fast tomorrow.
  • eke out (a living)
    кое-как сводить концы с концами, с трудом зарабатывать себе на жизнь
    Linda Brown has no college education so she has to eke out a living as a cleaning woman.
  • elbow (someone) out of (something)
    вытолкнуть кого-либо из чего-либо, прокладывать себе путь локтями
    Janet got promotion by elbowing many of her colleagues out of the way.
  • elbow (someone) out of (somewhere)
    вытолкать, оттолкнуть
    The young man was evidently in a hurry; he elbowed people out of his way.
  • elbow grease
    тяжёлая работа (физическая)
    I used a lot of elbow grease to clean the whole house, from top to bottom.
  • elbow room
    достаточно места, пространства
    Their house is getting overcrowded; there is not enough elbow room in it.
  • eleventh-hour decision
    решение, принятое в последний момент
    Eventually Miranda made an eleventh-hour decision to accept their proposal.
  • end in itself
    цель сама по себе
    For Bob painting is an end in itself, and he never shows his pictures to anybody.
  • end of one's rope
    не доставать способности, не хватать воображения
    I am at the end of my rope every time I come across some difficulty I can't cope with.
  • end up (doing something or going somewhere)
    оканчиваться, кончить тем, что …
    The chances are that we will end up by being friendly with them.
  • end up (somewhere)
    заканчиваться (где-либо, в каком-то месте)
    They intended to go to the seaside but ended up at a small village in the mountains.
  • engage in small talk
    говорить о незначительных вещах, "светская болтовня"
    The discussion didn't start yet, and those present engaged in small talk.
  • enough to go around
    достаточно чего-либо для всех
    I was afraid there wouldn't be enough beer to go round so I decided to buy some more.
  • enter (someone's) mind
    придти в голову
    "I say Peter, it never entered your mind to apologize for what you have done, did it?"
  • equal to (something)
    быть способным справиться с чем-либо, подходить для чего-либо
    I don't think Nelly is equal to the task of teaching small children.
  • ER
    Emergency Room - реанимация
    ER is the place in a hospital where doctors deal with emergency cases.
  • escape (someone's) notice
    ускользать от внимания
    Helen was more than absent-minded today, and it didn't escape my notice.
  • ESL
    English as a Second Language - английский как иностранный (как второй язык)
    ESL is taught almost in every country of the world because English is rightly considered to be an international language.
  • ESP
    Extrasensory Perception - экстрасенсорное восприятие
    We read a story of a ten-year-old girl who had the ability of ESP.
  • ETA
    Estimated Time of Arrival - расчётное время прибытия
    Though the ETA was six p.m. we didn't arrive as expected because our flight was delayed.
  • even so
    всё-таки, всё равно, тем не менее
    As a rule Marion gets up early even so she is often late for work.
  • even-steven
    быть в расчёте, сравнять счёт (в спорте)
    Give me $10 and we'll be even-steven.
  • every cloud has a silver lining
    нет худа без добра
    I lost my job and divorced my husband, but every cloud has a silver lining and something good is sure to come my way.
  • every dog has his day
    всему своё время
    Celia will be able to travel alone when she grows up. Every dog has his day.
  • every inch a (something)
    (быть) полностью чем-либо, "каждой клеточкой"
    Dana was every inch an actress and loved to take part in all kinds of performances.
  • every last one
    каждый из, каждый последний из
    Every last one of the children got a present at Christmas.