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  • E.g.
    Exempli Gratia - например
    E.g. is an abbreviation and it means 'for example'.
  • each and every
    Each and every student had to take a test that day.
  • eager beaver
    трудолюбивый человек, энтузиаст
    Sally is a very industrious and enthusiastic person; she is a regular eager beaver.
  • eagle eye
    пристально следящий взгляд, зоркий глаз (как у орла)
    Alan kept an eagle eye upon all Carry's activities.
  • ear to the ground
    пристальное внимание к тому, что происходит
    Mrs. Spencer had an ear to the ground and knew everything that was going on in her son's family.
  • earful
    нагоняй, выговор
    The boss gave one of his employees earful when the latter came to work late.
  • early bird
    ранняя пташка (о человеке, привыкшем рано вставать или рано начинать что-либо)
    "I hate getting up early; I am not an early bird, I must confess."
  • early bird catches the worm
    кто рано встаёт, тому бог подаёт (Пословица)
    Getting up early proved to her the truth of the old saying that the early bird catches the worm; she was able to do a lot of work.
  • early on
    в начале, на раннем этапе
    They had a family reunion early on that Sunday.
  • earn one's keep
    оправдывать своё содержание работой
    I stayed with a host family and helped them about the house in order to earn my keep.
  • ears are burning
    уши горят (кто-либо обсуждает вас за вашей спиной)
    Jane's ears were burning; she was sure that someone was talking about her.
  • ears are red
    смутиться (уши покраснели от смущения)
    I saw that Gina was embarrassed because her ears were red.
  • ears are ringing
    звон в ушах
    The jazz music at the concert was very loud, and my ears were ringing.
  • ears become red
    покраснеть от смущения
    When I asked Paul about his grades at school, he got embarrassed and his ears became red.
  • ease off/up on (someone or something)
    уменьшать напряжение, ослаблять
    Despite his physical condition Jim Croft absolutely refused to ease up on working.
  • easier said than done
    легче сказать, чем сделать
    I would like to take up French, but it is easier said than done.
  • easy come, easy go
    то, что легко достаётся потерять не жалко, "легко пришло, легко ушло"
    I found a bracelet but in a few days lost it. Oh, well, easy come, easy go.
  • easy does it
    делать что-либо медленно и осторожно
    "Easy does it," my father said as we were moving a large bookcase away from the wall.
  • easy money
    лёгкие деньги
    Young people who look for easy money are usually disappointed.
  • easy to come by
    найти с лёгкостью
    A good job is not easy to come by.
  • easy-going
    общительный (человек)
    Larry is easy-going and fun to be with.
  • eat (someone) for breakfast
    легко нанести поражение
    William is very vulnerable and can easily be eaten for breakfast.
  • eat (someone) out of house and home
    объедать кого-либо, быть нахлебником
    Sally preferred to live on her own; she didn't want to eat her parents out of house and home.
  • eat (something) up
    поглощать что-либо, впитывать знания
    In general children eat up knowledge easily if they enjoy what they learn.
  • eat and run
    быстро (поспешно) поесть, перекусить
    "You have to eat and run if you want to be in time for the show."
  • eat away at (someone)
    беспокоить кого-либо
    Her child's health problems are constantly eating away at Mrs. Noland.
  • eat away at (something)
    разъедать, глодать, точить, разрушать что-либо
    Ocean waves are gradually eating away at the coast line.
  • eat crow
    проглотить обиду, смириться
    "I guess I'll have to eat crow if I am defeated."
  • eat dirt
    быть в унизительной роли, сносить оскорбления
    The man had to eat dirt because of the errors he made in his job.
  • eat high on/off the hog
    есть хорошую, дорогую пищу
    For the first few days after the check from his father arrived, Jeremy ate high on the hog.
  • eat humble pie
    униженно извиняться, "придти с повинной головой"
    "You insulted Steve, and I can't see any other way out but eat humble pie."
  • eat like a bird
    очень мало есть, "есть как птичка"
    The child probably eats like a bird; she is so thin.
  • eat like a horse
    много есть, есть как лошадь
    The children spent most of their time outdoors, and when they came home in the evening they ate like horses.
  • eat one's cake and have it too
    преследовать две взаимно исключающие цели, пытаться совместить несовместимое
    "If you try to eat your cake and have it too, you will never gain anything in life."
  • eat one's heart out
    изводить себя, страдать
    Mary has missed the chance of a good job, and now she is eating her heart out.