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  • every living soul
    каждый, каждая живая душа
    When the circus arrived at a small town, every living soul came to have a look at it.
  • every minute counts
    каждая минута на счету
    Every minute counts when people are injured during an accident.
  • every nook and cranny
    каждый закуток, каждая щелочка
    Jenny lost her textbook and looked for it in every nook and cranny of her apartment.
  • every once in a while
    время от времени, изредка
    I am not a very good chess player; I play chess every once in a while.
  • every other
    каждый второй
    We take turns at work, and I have to be on duty every other Saturday of the month.
  • every so often
    время от времени, иногда
    When I am tired of sitting, every so often I stand up and walk about the room.
  • every time one turns around
    часто, зачастую
    Every time I turn around I can see my little sister watching a cartoon.
  • every Tom, Dick and Harry
    обыкновенный человек, (Иванов, Петров, Сидоров)
    Lionel was very intelligent; he was not the same as every Tom, Dick and Harry.
  • every which way
    во всех направлениях
    There were a lot of ducks on the pond and they floated every which way.
  • everything but the kitchen sink
    почти всё
    They took everything but the kitchen sink on their hiking trip.
  • everything from soup to nuts
    почти всё, что нужно
    We took everything from soup to nuts before we went on a picnic.
  • everything humanly possible
    всё, что в человеческих силах
    Ann decided to do everything humanly possible to save her son from prison.
  • everything one can lay/get his or her hands on
    всё, что можно найти; всё, что попало под руку
    They used everything they could lay their hands on to build a small shed in the back yard.
  • evil eye
    недобрый глаз, способный причинить вред
    Zahra is believed to have an evil eye, and people try to avoid her.
  • examination for discovery
    предварительное разбирательство, при котором обе стороны могут ознакомиться со свидетельскими показаниями до суда
    Adam had to spend a long time in an examination for discovery session concerning his case.
  • exception that proves the rule
    исключение подтверждает правило
    A salesperson should be easy-going. Steve is reserved; he is the exception that proves the rule.
  • excuse (someone)
    извинить, простить кого-либо
    Con let me down; I am not going to excuse him for his behavior.
  • exercise one's brain
    тренировать свой ум (мозги)
    It is recommended to do crossword puzzles in order to exercise your brain.
  • expert witness
    свидетельство эксперта или специалиста
    The expert witness was called to discuss the blood spots on the accused man's clothes.
  • explain (oneself)
    объясняться, оправдываться
    The director of the museum was made to explain herself after the theft of a valuable collection had been discovered.
  • explain (something) away
    отделываться объяснением
    The cashier tried to explain away the trouble with the cash in the shop.
  • express (one's) anger
    дать волю гневу
    John is very quick-tempered and he expresses his anger in a most unpleasant way.
  • extend credit to (someone)
    предоставить кредит
    I asked for a loan from my bank and they extended credit to me.
  • extend one's sympathy to (someone)
    выразить сочувствие, кому-либо
    I came to Tim to extend my sympathy to him because of his mother's serious illness.
  • extenuating circumstances
    обстоятельства, смягчающие вину
    Because of extenuating circumstances, Robert Simpson didn't go to jail for kidnapping.
  • eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
    око за око, зуб за зуб
    Never call for an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth when somebody hurts you; it won't make your pain less.
  • eye of the storm
    в центре внимания (окружающих); в центре событий
    If something goes wrong, Bert is going to be in the eye of the storm.
  • eyeball-to-eyeball
    лицом к лицу
    They were jammed in the crowd and had to stand eyeball-to-eyeball.
  • eyes are bigger than one's stomach
    взять больше еды, чем сможешь съесть; одни глаза не сыты
    "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach. You've eaten much food as it is."
  • eyes in the back of one's head
    способность видеть, что происходит вокруг; быть в курсе всех дел
    Jessica had eyes in the back of her head, and she always knew what was happening around her.
  • eyes pop out
    очень удивиться, "глаза вылезли из орбит"
    Kelly's eyes popped out when she heard Jeremy's name mentioned in a TV news program.