Идиомы на тему Food

  • acquire a taste for (something)
    приобрести вкус к чему-либо
    Having visited an art gallery, he acquired a taste for modern art.
  • as busy as popcorn on a skillet
    очень активный, подвижный
    The little boy was as busy as popcorn on a skillet all day long.
  • as cool as a cucumber
    My friend Eric is as cool as a cucumber; he never gets upset.
  • as easy as apple pie
    очень легко \ лёгкий
    My History exam was as easy as apple pie.
  • as flat as a pancake
    очень плоский (как блин)
    The early people believed that the Earth was as flat as a pancake.
  • as nutty as a fruitcake
    сумасшедший, выживший из ума
    Dora is nutty as a fruitcake; she is irrational and crazy.
  • as sour as vinegar
    угрюмый, неприветливый, (кислый как уксус)
    Mr. Fiber is not at all friendly; he is as sour as vinegar.
  • as sweet as honey/sugar
    сладкий как сахар, сладкий как мёд
    Melanie's conversation is as sweet as honey, but I can't very well believe her.
  • as thick as pea soup
    очень густой (как гороховый суп)
    The fog that day was as thick as pea soup and it caused my accidents.
  • as warm as toast
    очень тёплый и уютный
    I have a very cozy bed; it is as warm as toast.
  • at one sitting
    за один присест
    I expected the sausage to last for two meals, but it was eaten at one sitting.
  • back to the salt mines
    вернуться к чему-либо с большой неохотой; например к работе, которую не хочется делать
    The work was tedious; they finished their coffee and went back to the salt mines.
  • bad egg
    плохой человек, лодырь, бездельник
    My cousin Jack is a bad egg, and I don't want to have anything in common with him.
  • bad/rotten apple
    плохой человек (как гнилое яблоко)
    My neighbor is a bad apple; he was in prison for burglary twice.
  • bear fruit
    приносить плоды, иметь результат
    "If you work hard at your English, it will certainly bear fruit sooner or later."
  • best bib and tucker
    чья-либо лучшая одежда
    Tina put on her best bib and tucker for her friend's wedding reception.
  • big cheese
    важный человек, лидер
    Though my uncle is a big cheese in the company I never ask him for help.
  • big enchilada
    воротила, шишка
    There are many managers in our company, but Bill is the big enchilada in it.
  • binge and purge
    страдать рвотой
    Sue always eats too much, and she often binge and purge her food.
  • bite off more than one can chew
    взяться за непосильное дело, не рассчитать своих сил
    "I think you bit off more than you could chew by agreeing to make arrangements for a show."
  • bite the hand that feeds one
    платить чёрной неблагодарностью; кусать руку, которая тебя кормит
    "Remember your father still supports you, so don't bite the hand that feeds you."
  • bitter pill to swallow
    проглотить горькую пилюлю; что-либо неприятное, которое надо пережить
    Losing the game was a bitter pill to swallow for the whole team.
  • born with a silver spoon in one's mouth
    родиться с серебряной ложкой во рту, родиться в богатой семье
    They say she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but judging by the size of her mouth it must have been a ladle.
  • Bottoms up!
    Пей до дна!
    "Bottoms up," Mark said and raised his wineglass.
  • bread and butter
    средства к существованию
    I am worried about the basic needs of life like food and home, so bread-and-butter issues are very important for me.
  • bread and water
    хлеб и вода
    The family was very poor; they had to live on bread and water most of the time.
  • bring home the bacon
    работать на семью, зарабатывать деньги для семьи
    Sam's wife is always displeased with her husband for not bringing home enough bacon for the family.
  • burn (something) to a crisp
    сжечь что-либо до черноты
    I burned the toasts to a crisp and had to throw them into the garbage.
  • butter (someone) up
    льстить кому-либо, умасливать
    It's hard to get published if you can't butter up the right people.
  • carrot and stick
    жёсткая политика, "политика кнута и пряника"
    The idea of a carrot-and-stick approach to the strikers is all wrong.
  • cheese (someone) off
    раздражать кого-либо, сердить
    My brother cheesed me off when he had taken my car without my permission.
  • cheesed off
    (быть) раздражённым, подавленным
    Gilda was cheesed off because she couldn't afford to go on a sea voyage with us.
  • chew the fat with (someone)
    болтать, чесать языком
    The women sitting on a bench in the park were chewing the fat.
  • chips and dip
    чипсы с соусом
    I asked my Mom to buy some chips and dip for me.
  • clear the table
    убирать (посуду) со стола
    After dinner Mother cleared the table and I washed up.