Идиомы на тему Food

  • meal ticket
    кто-либо \ что-либо, что обеспечивает безбедную жизнь
    I believe my degree in accounting to be my meal ticket to a good salary.
  • meat and potatoes
    безыскусный, простой
    To my mind the best approach to life is meat-and-potatoes one.
  • melt in one's mouth
    быть очень вкусным, таять во рту
    The chocolate I ate melted in my mouth.
  • milk (someone) for (something)
    давить на кого-либо с целью получения чего-либо
    Mike is a regular Gigolo and he is milking women for as much money as he can.
  • milk of human kindness
    сострадание, доброта, сердечность
    My Grandmother has always been full of the milk of human kindness; everybody likes her.
  • not for all the tea in China
    на за что (на свете)
    Uriah will not for all the tea in China lend his car to anybody.
  • not know beans about (someone or something)
    ничего не знать о ком-либо \ о чём-либо
    I did not know beans about my friend's private life.
  • not one's cup of tea
    что-либо, что (не) нравится
    Washing the dishes is not my cup of tea, so I'd rather my sister did it.
  • not worth a hill of beans
    бесполезный, никудышный, ничего не стоящий
    Cora is not a reliable person, and what she promises is not worth a hill of beans.
  • on a diet
    на диете
    I have been on a diet several times this year, but nothing helps me to lose weight.
  • one man's meat is another man's poison
    что полезно одному, то вредно другому
    One man's meat is another man's poison and while my friend doesn't like fish, I love it.
  • out of the frying pan and into the fire
    из огня да в полымя
    Ron jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire when he didn't pay his bank loan; now his problems are much more serious.
  • out to lunch
    сумасшедший, "тронутый"
    "You must be out to lunch to suggest our sailing during the storm."
  • packed in like sardines
    в тесноте, "как селёдки в бочке"
    The place is extremely crowded; the people are packed in like sardines here.
  • pie in the sky
    не практичная цель или план
    "Your project is a pie in the sky; I am not going to invest into it."
  • piece of cake
    лёгкий (ая)
    That English book was a piece of cake. It was the easiest book that I had ever read.
  • polish the apple
    льстить, стараться заслужить чьё-либо расположение
    Nora tried to polish the apple with Dick Barstow; she wanted to get into his favor.
  • put all one's eggs in one basket
    рисковать всем, поставить всё на карту
    Jeffrey Archer put all his eggs in one basket by investing into a Canadian company.
  • put on the feed bag
    поесть что-либо
    They immediately put on the feed bag when they came home.
  • put weight on
    прибавлять в весе, поправляться
    Rita kept to a diet of vegetables and fruit so that she may not put on weight.
  • rotten to the core
    прогнивший насквозь, бесполезный
    The house had to be pulled down as it was rotten to the core, and it was useless to repair it.
  • rub salt in (someone's) wound
    растравлять чью-либо рану, сыпать соль на рану
    Hugo's wife rubbed salt in his wound for having broken their car.
  • salt (something) away
    припрятывать, "складывать в кубышку"
    I have been salting away some money, so that I can go on a holiday to Spain.
  • salt of the earth
    соль земли (основательные, добрые люди)
    The majority of the people in our company is the salt of the earth; they are hard-working and friendly.
  • save (someone's) bacon
    помочь, спасти от провала
    I don't understand much about computers; and I was grateful to Steve as he saved my bacon when he came to help me.
  • sink one's teeth into (something)
    начать серьёзно работать (над проектом, проблемой)
    I sank my teeth into my research.
  • slice of the cake/pie
    доля чего-либо
    Kelly demanded that she be given a slice of the cake in their family business.
  • slow as molasses in January
    быть очень медлительным
    My granddaughter is as slow as molasses in January when she walks to school in the morning.
  • small potatoes
    что-либо небольшое или незначительное
    The amount of money for the road is small potatoes compared to the cost of the bridge.
  • so clean you can eat off the floor
    очень чисто
    I did up my bedroom and it became so clean you could eat off the floor.
  • soup up (something)
    придавать силу, увеличивать мощность чего-либо
    I decided to soup my motorcycle up, making it more powerful.
  • spill the beans
    выдать секрет
    My friend spilled the beans about my smoking though he had promised not to tell my Mom about it.
  • spoon-feed (someone)
    чрезмерно опекать кого-либо, "кормить с ложки"
    The young mother is too considerate and literally spoon-feeds her ten-year-old daughter.
  • square meal
    сытная еда
    In English families dinner, which is eaten between 6 and 7, is usually a square meal.
  • stew in one's own juice
    страдать из-за своих проступков
    "You'll be stewing in your own juice if you get into trouble again."