Идиомы на букву K

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  • knock down the price of (something)
    снизить цену на что-либо
    Steve bargained hard and was able to knock down the price of the computer.
  • know (something) only too well
    знать что-либо слишком хорошо
    Alan knew only too well what would happen if he failed his English exam.
  • kick up a fuss/storm
    поднимать шум, скандал (часто из-за пустяков)
    "Please, don't kick up a storm because I've lost your disk. I'll reimburse you."
  • knock on wood
    постучать по дереву (чтобы повезло)
    I hope to be able to find a well-paid job. - Knock on wood!
  • know where (someone) stands on (something)
    знать, что кто-либо думает и чувствует по поводу чего-либо
    I don't think anybody knows where the Dean stands on the issue of the new curriculum.
  • know one's place
    знать своё место
    "Why do you always interfere? You should know your place."
  • keep a tight/close rein on (someone or something)
    держать кого-либо \ что-либо в полном подчинении, под жёстким контролем
    My boss keeps a tight rein on what is going on in the office.
  • kiss of death
    действие, поступок способный положить конец отношениям
    It was the kiss of death when Linda learned that her husband had an affair. She filed for a divorce.
  • know-how
    знания и навыки
    She is a skilled teacher and has a lot of know-how about how to explain new material to her students.
  • knock (someone's) block off
    дать кому-либо по башке
    Gordon became furious and threatened to knock my block off.
  • kith and kin
    знакомые и родственники, родня
    When my Granddad died, all of our kith and kin attended the funeral.
  • kick out (someone)
    выгнать кого-либо
    "If you misbehave and disrupt the class, you may be kicked out of school."
  • know (something) from memory
    знать на память
    My Granny knows my telephone number from memory.
  • knock (someone) down (to size)
    делать кого-либо более скромным, смеренным
    I don't know what helped to knock Steve down to size, but I must say he is more humble now.
  • knuckle down (to something)
    решительно приняться за дело, приступить
    "It's high time you started work: knuckle down!"
  • keyed up
    взвинчиный, взволнованный, нервный
    Sam was so keyed up over the prospect of his long trip that he didn't sleep a wink that night.
  • knock about
    путешествовать, бродить, где захочется; рыскать по свету
    His plan was to go to India and knock about for a couple of months.
  • kiss (something) good-bye
    потерять, простится с чем-либо
    "Where is my umbrella? - You can kiss it good-bye. I lost it."
  • kill off (something)
    уничтожить, убить
    Some people say that frost kills off all the germs, but I am not sure.
  • knock (someone or something) out
    нокаутировать кого-либо; сделать что-либо не пригодным для дальнейшего использования
    The storm on the sea was so strong that it knocked a few boats out.
  • knock-down-drag-out fight
    отчаянная драка или спор
    Their knock-down-drag-out fight lasted for half an hour.
  • knock (something) off
    сделать наспех, "состряпать"
    He knocked off a leading article in half an hour.
  • kick in (some money or something)
    внести пожертвование (деньги или что-либо ещё)
    Everybody was ready to kick in and collect some clothes for needy children.
  • kid's stuff
    очень лёгкое задание, "плёвое дело"
    "I'll repair your watch in no time; it's kid's stuff."
  • knock (someone) off
    убить кого-либо
    Several people were knocked off in the bank robbery last week.
  • know when one is not wanted
    чувствовать, что чьё-либо присутствие не желательно
    Jerry knows when he is not wanted, so he has decided not to go on a picnic with them.
  • knock the props out from under (someone)
    разрушить доверие к кому-либо; выбить почву из-под ног
    "You knock the props out from under me when you criticize my work."
  • knock (someone) around
    дурно обращаться с кем-либо
    "You have been knocking me around long enough. I want to put an end to it."
  • know one's way around/about
    знать толк в чём-либо; понимать, что к чему
    "Believe me, George knows his way around."
  • knuckle under
    уступить, подчиниться
    Sabina had promised to herself never to knuckle under to her husband's family.
  • know (someone or something) like a book/like an open book
    знать кого-либо \ что-либо очень хорошо
    My mother knows me like an open book.
  • KO
    Knockout - нокаут
    Jeremy is a very good boxer and he won the match in the second round by a KO.
  • knockout
    сногшибательная женщина
    Wella thought that she was a knockout, but Tim didn't share her optimistic opinion.
  • known quantity
    известная величина
    The new teacher is a known quantity in the school because she worked here before.
  • known fact
    известный факт
    It is a known fact that it's better to do well than to say well.