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  • keep (something) down
    удержать что-либо
    My little son was sick, and it was difficult for him to keep his food down.
  • keep up
    поддерживать (тот же уровень)
    The garden was too large for Ms. Yates to keep up properly.
  • keep one's mouth shut
    помалкивать, "держать язык за зубами",
    "If you have nothing to say, then keep your mouth shut and don't interrupt."
  • keep one's place
    знать своё место
    Jill was not satisfied with the relashionships among her co-workers, but she was told to keep her place.
  • keep one's eyes peeled for (someone or something)
    быть на чеку, следить за кем-либо \ чем-либо
    Bob stood outside the restaurant and kept his eyes peeled for his girlfriend to appear.
  • know (something) inside out
    знать что-либо вдоль и попёрек
    My friend is a guide and she knows our town inside out.
  • keep one's cool
    оставаться спокойным
    I can't very well keep my cool when people insult me.
  • keep quiet
    не шуметь
    The children were making a lot of noise, and the mother had to tell them to keep quiet.
  • keep (someone) on
    держать кого-либо на работе
    Jillion is getting very old, but we are going to keep him on as a doorman.
  • keep abreast (of something)
    идти в ногу со временем, не отставать от жизни
    My father always watches the news program to keep abreast of current events.
  • know (something) in one's bones
    интуитивно чувствовать что-либо
    I know it in my bones that Joe is going to deceive me again.
  • know one's stuff
    хорошо знать своё дело, хорошо ориентироваться
    This woman knows her stuff and is a very skilled secretary.
  • keen on (someone or something)
    увлечённый, полный энтузиазма
    My cousin is keen on playing tennis and she is quite good at it.
  • kind of
    вроде бы, до некоторой степени, более или менее
    Bess was kind of sleepy when she heard a strange noise outside her door.
  • keep (someone) company
    составить кому-либо компанию
    "Could you come and keep me company? I am feeling very lonely."
  • keep on an even keel
    сохранять хладнокровие, спокойствие
    I couldn't keep on an even keel when I saw a big boy beating a small one.
  • keep the lid on (something)
    держать что-либо в секрете, скрывать
    "I am not going to keep the lid on the gossip."
  • keep up appearances
    соблюдать приличия, видимость; делать вид, что ничего не случилось
    Sarah decided to keep up appearances even though she was very sick.
  • keep to oneself
    сторониться (людей)
    Cora isn't at all outgoing; she prefers to keep to herself.
  • keep one's nose out of (something)
    не лезть не в своё дело
    "Please, mind your own business and keep your nose out of mine."
  • keep track of (something)
    следить за чем-либо, вести запись
    I kept track of the events which happened that week before my departure.
  • know where all the bodies are buried
    знать все важные детали или секреты
    I knew where all the bodies were buried in the company, but I never told anyone.
  • kink in one's neck
    судорога, болезненный спазм в шее
    I didn't sleep well that night and woke up in the morning with a kink in my neck.
  • keep one's hands off (someone or something)
    не трогать кого-либо или не брать руками что-либо
    My mother asked me to keep my hands off the ice-cream.
  • knock oneself out
    делать значительное усилие
    "Don't try to knock yourself out for you are not able to fulfill this task."
  • kill time
    убивать время
    To kill time before the departure of our train, we went to a cafe.
  • knee-high to a grasshopper
    малюсенький, крошечный (как ребёнок)
    Joe learned to play chess when he was knee-high to a grasshopper.
  • keep off (something)
    держаться в отдалении от чего-либо
    I made up my mind to keep off the stadium not to tempt providence.
  • know a trick or two
    знать пару хитростей
    Gina knows a trick or two about how to handle her husband when he is angry or upset.
  • know the ropes
    досконально знать, быть в курсе дела
    "Miss Wiliamson will help you find a good job because she knows the ropes."
  • keep up an act
    устраивать спектакль, претворяться
    "Don't try to keep up an act; I know what you are capable of."
  • keep a close watch on (someone or something)
    наблюдать за кем-либо \ чем-либо, караулить кого-либо \ что-либо
    A gamekeeper keeps a close watch on the wild ducks; it's his job.
  • keep one's word
    сдержать своё слово, обещание
    She kept her word in coming to visit me.
  • keep down (something)
    уменьшать, ограничивать
    "I want you to keep down all expences until we are out of debt."
  • kickback
    незаконно выплаченные деньги, взятка
    The company had to give Deputy Mayor a kickback in order to win the market.